Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Internet has added in the list of fundamental necessity for survival along with food, water and shelter are considered the three basic needs of human beings. The people’s increasing dependency on the internet across the world for each and every day-to-day need, has made it prominent to get added to this new list.

It may be used for a neighbouring cafeteria to a hotel that is located miles away from your current position, the internet most-often has nearly reply to your every single query. To cut a long story short, for the current global status one can just quote ‘we are all connected to internet, like neurons in a giant brain’.

To find a hotel at any site, the foremost thing you look forward is to search ‘Hotels In XYZ’. And you’d be watching for 3 features prior to take a final call on making a reservation. These features are price Range, Guest Reviews and Hotel’s Website.

The hotel’s search ranking hinge only on visibility; which is an outcome of algorithms, superior content, and why audience gets engaged on your website. The google ranking purely be contingent to visibility. This online visibility be subject to your hotel’s digital marketing strategies.

What Exactly is Hotel Digital Marketing?

Hotel digital marketing (correspondingly acknowledged as hotel online marketing or hospitality marketing) means constructing and upholding your hotel’s existence online. This consist of social media stages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with Google and other search engines.

Accordingly, you ought to agree to accept the fact that hotel digital marketing obtain fresh reservations, restored visibility and unquestionably a steady brand tag in the market.

Why is it Important to Have Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Hotel?

In the present times, maximum visitors quest for hotels and additional amenities that they are readily providing. With an excellent online marketing strategies for hotels, people will be equipped approach all these latent visitors and construct a reliable client base for your hotel business.

A Guest’s voyage starts by noticing your hotel on metasearch engines, social networks, or organic search platforms such as on Google, Yahoo, and more. Being present and visible on these multiple channels in current scenario, is way more crucial than earlier times.

Digital marketing approaches for the hotel business must include search engine optimization and several remunerated and natural networks to convey your hotel prominence all over the exploration, contemplation and ultimate reservation stage.

Here we have tried to list out few of the top-most strategies that one ought to implement for superlative outcomes.

Best Hotel Online Marketing Strategies

1. Hotel listing on Google

Prior to the cyber space age, public used “Yellow Pages” for exploring and attaining all sort of business information. ‘Yellow Pages’ was a manual which had a record maintained of all categories of business nearly in every existing domain. You can reach out there for a plumber to a government authority , everybody’s details were existing on it.

Well, this concept slowly got out-dated with the fast-pacing internet age.  There has been a constant progress of people getting engaged with the internet and which has ultimately led search engines dawned upon us. At this day and age, one and all wishes to get their business recorded on Google. It may be a bakery or ice-cream parlour to the world’s loftiest hotel, Burj Al Arab, it indexes all business.

As a hotel owner two most widespread questions that may come-up in your mind may be-

  • How to get my hotel listed and registered on Google?
  • Is it free of cost?

So, the reply to your second enquiry is – ‘Yes, Registration of any Hotel on Google is free of cost!’

For the initial question, let’s check over a step-by-step procedure, also conferring on the numerous features to improve it.

Google My Business, also acknowledged as GMB is similar to fashioning an E-Card for hotel business. It lays a hand, to bridge the breach amid hotel owners and customers. Fundamentally, before heading on and finalising a reservation, guests explore for the property that they’d be visiting and staying. From amenities to star ratings, categories and reviews on hotel images, the charge range to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), a possible visitor would be searching all the details.

Now to begin with the cataloguing part, install “Google My Business” in your mobile phones for convenient and well-informed updates time-to-time. You can also select for a website version. As soon as it is installed, all you require to see to is fill in the registration form with obligatory information such as the hotel’s brand, star category, location, facilities, and so on.

It is significant to keep a check on the contact particulars of the hotel. A wrong location and contact number influences on the search outcomes and reservation stream. When you are searching for a business online, 80% of guests be unable to find trust in business with inappropriate/unreliable contact specifics.

After, you’ve completed and submitted the hotel information form, you’ll be getting a code for business authentication. Post confirmation of your hotel, you require to boost your catalogue. ‘Google My Business’ offers you with striking features such as: review and ratings, gathering your hotel’s business page, auto-update user-generated content geo-tagged with your brand, assigning site manager, integrated meta-search for hassle-free reservations and hotel attributes.

By means of your business now in conclusion registered and updated with content, one entails to emphasize on taking full advantage to spread amongst the audience. For the reason that, if you’re not even evident online; then irrespective of how much you hike, it’s not going to show remarkable outcomes.

To be accessible and noticeable online, one must have to have oomph features. This can be achieved by getting your hotel website designed by a renowned website designer. By this effort the website will get significant and remarkable notice that will give a better impression to the visitors and that can bring an upsurge in the hotel traffic.

2. Build a website

o, the subsequent step, will be holding a website in hotel digital marketing strategy. Then, the minute we are talking about a hotel website, it just doesn’t mean displaying a few inappropriate pictures, along with 2 statements of content regarding the hotel facts and features, and get done.

Principally ‘No’. A hotel website that is considered ideal, showcases your services and facilities, location of the hotel, rooms, and whole lot of features that the hotel offers.

Optimizing Mobile Website

Exploring and searching anything over a smartphone is convenient rather than doing all the hunt on a desktop. Mobile-approachable websites are most endorsed by smartphone operators. Now, let’s see an overview on few most prominent analytical features of mobile optimization from Think Google –

  • Mobile searches for “hotels with XYZ facility” has predominantly increased in the past few years (AC Hotels with swimming pools, airport hotels with transport service, hotels with a spa in personal room, hotels with downhill river, hotels with smoking rooms.
  • Mobile searches for “place to visit” with diverse combinations have got more than double-folded in recent years.
  • Across a set of markets, researching hotels and air-ticket price on a mobile tool is as common as shopping for fashion.
  • Struggle on a mobile site when carrying out a reservation can led to travellers irritating, and visit another site for easy process.

At the present time, guests want to go through a hassle-free and convenient booking. In accordance with the above evidences, having mobile optimised upsurges reservation arrival and enhances revenue generation. By means of the website now being created you must enhance it in the finest style. Think of, your terminal aim that is to stand up and mark out among topmost search consequences. For this you need to execute a good SEO.

3. SEO: The backbone of websites

SEO signifies for search engine optimisation. Carrying out a respectable SEO will rank your hotel on the top-most results of the search engines, consequently giving you the prominence, your hotel desires. Most of all, it is actually significant for you to reinforce your existence online.

For getting a recognition on the internet, one must refer and read handbooks to estimate the hotels online presence. These are downloadable guidebooks that elucidates on how to improve on OTA rankings, reservation engine’s performance, analysis management and 40 other vital features of hotels online existence. Hotels that often appear in topmost search outcomes capitalize added funds on their SEO domain. Even though few hotels opt for paid or as we can name them organic listings. There is a secret trick that most hoteliers are not aware about. That hidden practice is focusing on the local SEO.

Emphasis on local SEO

It is quite essential to have a better understanding on ‘what’ is known as ‘local SEO’. This sort of SEO emphasizes on the perceptibility of the hotel in local search results. Let’s say, you own a hotel located at Green Park area of New Delhi. Subsequently, the local SEO retains directing on this specific hotel to be in ‘hotels near me’ or ‘hotels in Green Park’ searches.

The job is relatively meek. Just refer to the sites adjoining your hotel from Google maps in ‘about us or fact sheets. This may perhaps be whatsoever from a renowned landmark to any explicit street. Post that you can augment those keywords for improved search results.

 4. Ads, ads and more ads!

Succeeding this, we discuss on Metasearch Engines viz. Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago. Unusually and funnily enough, listing on these metasearch engines will not solitarily increase your prominence, but as well expand your brand worth. However, being obtainable on metasearch would necessitate you to be exposed to obtain unswerving reservations. The greater direct bookings you get, the higher you’ll be drove up in the hotel market.

Particularly, when we think about Google Hotel Ads., it somehow steadily proves to be Google’s saviour in masquerade for hotels besieged to reduce reliance on the OTAs. According to statistics it has shown a 2.4X growth YOY (Year on Year) in Google Hotel Ads references from smartphones.

Google Analytics

On the spot exposure at all times has its profits. Even though, it has its reasonable portion of downsides if your agencies aren’t handling and improving your ads.

You must track steadfast ad campaigns on Google and Facebook (Instagram comes with it). There are numerous assistances of fetching into such campaigns. Furthermore, they rest assure that the hotel is evident and the details about your creditable facilities ranges to the accurate guests.

Other Ads

Though, Facebook Ads are the most economical method to fascinate more visitors. Therefore, you can without difficulty hinge on to additional reservations over the platform by hanging around without getting hard on your pocket. In the same way, even remarketing ads provide hotels with astonishing chances to highlight your business in the limelight by aiming those people who’ve by now checked your website. Henceforth, there are advanced probabilities that they’ll hopefully check the hotel’s website to carry forward with the reservations at the property. Therefore, if the hotel is not yet indexed on any metasearch engines, now’s an exact spell to do that.

5. Go social the social media way

Existence on social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram is not a novel entity in the present scenario. But then again, making the utmost of that and operating it to their finest potential is what you require in digital marketing approaches for hotels.  Secondly, going live on these podiums is a major active method to upsurge the engagement of your cohorts.

Social Listening

Social listening is keeping a track of your social media accounts for references, promotions, operator content generation, lead generation and much more. This is an occasion where you possibly will sponsor the hotel by fetching in media posts across all your social media highlighting your brand.

It can also be said that, what would you do if certain big shot indicates you in their Instagram post? Simple, you’ll advertise that post on your Instagram profile. Therefore fundamentally, on every occasion a big shot metatag your hotel or discusses it in their post athwart social media stages, recognize and accept it. This extemporizes your rendezvous side by side and forms a respectable impression on your probable visitors.

 6. Tell your story through video

Despite the fact reading-through any hotel’s site picture gallery you may witness to watch video-based content on their internet site. These videos demonstrate a 360-degree understanding and assessment of the hotels. They consist of a wide-angle apprehending of all the features of a hotel, for example, the lobby, room interiors, restaurant, swimming pool and so on. This assists in earing the confidence of the guests.

Hotels are producing videos highlighting the safety measures they’ve engaged for sanitation after COVID-19. The film gives awareness on precautionary actions such as hotel sanitisation at frequent intervals each day, hotel crew is examined regularly after COVID-19 for infection before entering in the premises, practice of masks, gloves, and sanitizers by crew and so on.

Videos aid people in selecting an ideal hotel to visit. It similarly offers them an exclusive glance into the hotel’s amenities, constructing it as a logical basis of information. The superlative opportunity to make the most of the sights is uploading an identical one through YouTube. As soon as, the video hits on the social media floor, you can select for YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is the method of amplifying your videos, channel or playlist to rank better between the appropriate search fallouts. This consist of the documented milieu of your videos such as meta description, keywords in titles, hashtags and more.

The main focused portion here is keywords since the arrangement cannot read images or videos. Though, individuals don’t realise that just the heading and explanation are not the solitary foundations of manuscript.

Transcripts, Closed Captions (CC) and captions are as well used for it. You can gross support of any publicizing individual to device this in your YouTube videos. These techniques in the videos improves viewership, user engagement, and SEO. Precisely, subtitles, CC, and transcript arrange as a share of your keywords. Together with this in your video benefits in refining your ranking midst search results.

7. Email marketing

These days, people commonly undervalue email marketing. But then hotels can practice it professionally and successfully if they need. Accurately talking, emails are the finest way to interconnect individually in the business and personal lives. By means of the assistance that email marketing offers you’ll be able to link with visitors by distributing them pre-arrival electronic mail and offer them supervision about opting for the top conveniences as per their budget. In addition, it supports you stay in touch after they leave your hotel via post emails.

In the similar disposition, you can employ the reservation validation emails to engross your guests who’ve reserved the hotel room. By this technique, it fascinates new guests and holds on prevailing guests which are vital to produce countless ROI for your business.

8. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most active online marketing approaches for hotels. It is an instrument that a hotel can practice the minute they need to interest a massive audience. Hotels gets in touch with a popular influencer who has the influence to touch the acquisition choices of prospects. Still, it’s an trouble-free opportunity for hotels as an influencer has a respectable status for their acquaintance and proficiency in a specific realm.

They can help you with their service by posting about the hotel on their favoured social media networks which ultimately can engage their supporters on hotel blog.

9. Blogs

Hotel blogging is an excellent way for hotels to take advantage of a medium called blogs. It offers the ability to expand deeply on topics and fascinate compatible readers i.e., guests. The reason blogging is an enormous device is – it not only offers elaborate information around a specific matter to the guests but similarly persuades them to excavate in depth for hotel facilities which is with assurance a win-win state for you.

Travel Blogs are most popular amidst travellers. Let it be a traveller or a set of itchy feet friends, one and all investigates formerly travelling to any specific destination. The premium source of information for them are blogs striking details on local site exploration. Most of the hotels print a brochure or a detail leaf to assist the guests with relevant information.

As established globally, Google is the utmost steady foundation of information, these handouts are effects of the earlier times. The greatest method is to digitise all these facts and figures in a structure of an attractive blog. These blogs will guide travellers with appropriate and genuine information on local lures. Also, they would benefit your internet site engage more sights with local SEO.

10. Practice the trend: Chatbots

Chatbots are getting more and more widespread in the hospitality business recently. Not only can they assist with conversions, but then again, they can also expand your brand’s status. Accordingly, this strengthens faith and engagement with your prospective visitors. Execute chatbots to response to your guests’ questions.

Subsequently, chatbots enhance communication, direct people along a track to make reservations, guarantee your 24×7 accessibility and convenience, in addition, relink with guests who have deserted their bookings.

Attempt executing chatbots on the hotel website and evaluate what impact does it make on your booking’s elevation with a substantial hike in guest gratification.

11. Maintain your online reputation

Prevailing any belief that you may have in your mind for hotel’s online name; you must necessitate to agree to take the circumstance that the hotel industry was, is and will be spinning around guest satisfaction. Adverse feedback is just as valued as positive feedback.

To improve and update your services, one must need to keep a track on the feedbacks that are very crucial and supportive for maintaining the amenities and reputation of a hotel.  The negative and positive feedbacks help in upgrading and managing the entire system and quality of the hotel with latest and excellent set-up.

Above and beyond, these online reviews are the vital essentials in the present day and date. All your visitors are present and forthcoming ones are working to keep a track on those reviews and rankings to agree on their visit with you.

Henceforth, upholding your online reputation is an important aspect of your hotel digital marketing. Additionally, keep a nearby track of your rankings and important review sites and regulate your goal decisively where you want to be!

Keep a clear goal about what you want your visitors to convey and hold about your hotel as soon as they vacant the premises. Hence, a graceful and uncluttered online hotel status will assist you acquire more reservations.


Digital marketing approaches for hotels employ a dynamic title role in returns generation. Obviously, there are superior and better brands approaching in the market competition. Comparatively, guests are demanding progressively more personalization.

At the moment, guests need an approachable and amicable hotel website to site, surf, sign-up and seize their reservations with. For the reason that, they’re growing into exceptionally tech savvy and are not eager to finding the middle ground on the worth of offerings from hotel proprietors.

Practicing digital marketing for hotels to safeguard that all canals are set to supreme usage. In nutshell, try to establish 2022 as year with great reservations, efficient operations, positive feedbacks and the outstanding business year for you. Therefore, trying these approaches in the hotel digital marketing strategies to earn more reservations in this year. And take a step ahead in the hotel industry above your competition.


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