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The position of data in present contemporary world cannot be harassed sufficiently. An overwhelming number of businesses all across the globe, for example, Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. seriously depend on data for their everyday trades. We are living in an environment wherever quintillions of bytes of data are being created on a daily basis from various fountains.

On every occasion we explore for our desired merchandise on Amazon and miraculously an ad of that identical product twitches to come up whenever we search on Google (or numerous other platform), this is to build our experience richer and functional and this completely is finished by data and its analysis.

This is one of the examples in which the smart analysis and data usage can support pilot decisions for businesses. It is forecast that loads of Gigabytes of data will be created across the globe in the time duration of a year and sighting these acumens, it is obvious as to why so many businesses have unlocked numerous hirings for Data Analysts in countless spheres. The occupation of Data Analysts is to offer businesses with visions after having scrutinizing the facts and figures accessible to them and support the business to nurture.

With the intention of dealing data at such a massive scale, it turns out to be tremendously imperative to intelligently hand-pick the tools that support in the investigation of data in an effective and faster manner to guarantee improved outcomes. The term “Data Analytics Tools” is accustomed to pronounce software and applications that are pre-owned by the assistance of data analysts with the aim to advance and accomplish analytical processes (for example, sieving out evocative data from raw data) that support businesses to take better, well-versed business choices while reducing costs and growing returns. Few of the most commonly popular queries that Data Analysts and Business proprietors require to response prior to opting for the Data Analytics Tool are:
• In what manner it fits when it is sited in the market?
• What is the charge of consuming the tool?
• How effortless or exhausting is it to acquire it?
• How several operators practice that tool at this time? etc.
This article objectives to reply these popular questions and expand supplementary acquaintance around the new superlative Data Analytics Tools existing in the market.

Best Data Analytics Tools in 2022

Here now when we have a sufficient comprehension of what Data Analysis is and what Data Analytics Tools ensure, let us hangout a slightly deeper with the aim to recognize what are the excellent Data Analytics Tools accessible in the prevailing market and what are the variation of attributes they have to deliver us:

1.Python and R

The two most extensively employed programming languages in the realm of data analytics are R and Python. Both Python and R, are open-sources and copious in libraries that build them turn as tremendously suitable tools for data analytics. Python can be exploited for just about the whole thing from data scraping to scrutinizing and reporting. Whereas R, is typically utilized for data mining and statistical analysis. Here and now, let us now discuss at some of the key features of Python and R exclusively.

Python is extensively operated in a number of industries such as Software Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc. establishing it as the fastest programming languages across the globe at the moment. Python is an Object-Oriented Programming language.

It is effortless to learn and has an extremely affluent set of collections for the reason that it is being profoundly used as a Data Analytics Tool. The two utmost renowned libraries of Python – Pandas and NumPy – are being exploited very much as they offer copious numbers of factors for Data Manipulation, Numeric Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Merging and many more. Few of these factors are discussed below.

R has employed very much by statisticians for statistical analysis, Big Data and machine learning and hence it is one of the most extensively employed programming languages for statistical modelling, visualization, and data analysis. It is tremendously virtuous for Exploratory Data Analysis or EDA. EDA is a method employed by statisticians to study data sets to evaluate their foremost features. It is often produced with visual devices. By means of packages such as plyr, dplyr, and tidy, it turns out to be extremely effortless to do Data Manipulation in R. R tool carries out data analysis and visualization R with the support of packages like ggplot, lattice, ggvis, etc.

Few of the well-renowned corporations that are working on Python are NASA, Netflix, Spotify, etc. Whereas few other eminent firms that are using R as a Data Analytics Tool are Uber, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.


Tableau is the most prevalent and excellent tool that is exceedingly in-demand in the existing time and stand out as an industry-leader Business Intelligence tools. Tableau is accustomed to study and visualize data in an extremely user-friendly arrangement. It is a commercially existing tool that could be utilized to generate enormously communicating data visualization and dashboards short of having significant proficiency in coding or technical knowledge.

Let’s just quickly have a brief discussion on some of the features of Tableau.

    1. It is a well-designed user-friendly tool that can be geared towards the understanding, visualising and analysing data.
    2. It offers rapid analytics, which states, it can be leveraged to discover any sort of data, for example, spreadsheets, databases, statistics on Hadoop and cloud services, etc.
    3. It can also be employed in creating smart dashboards for visualizing data by means of drag and drop features.
    4. Furthermore, these dashboards can be with no trouble shared live on web and the accessible mobile instruments.

The most wide-spread renowned companies employing this Tableau tool for Data Analytics are LinkedIn, Amazon, Barclays, etc.

3.Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most exceptional Data Analytics Tools across the world in present date and time. It is data base software that has an array of metrics for calculations and graphing roles. Features such as allocating a notepad so that numerous persons can work in partnership prearranged in real-time, adding data into a work sheet straight from a picture, etc.

This feature makes Microsoft Excel undeniably a perfect tool for analysis of data. Here below we have tried our best to mention few prominent features of the Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a data spreadsheet that can efficiently be employed for data analysis. It is a component of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs and is certainly not free of cost. Data is deposited in Microsoft Excel in the form of cells. The data of statistical analysis can be carried out certainly extremely effortlessly by using the graphs and grids that are accessible by Excel.

Excel carries out numerous operations for manipulation of data such as the CONCATENATE function that permits workers to combine numbers, texts, etc. into a single cell of the work sheet. An assortment of integral features such as Pivot tables (for the cataloguing and totalling of data), form creation tools, etc. This also together combines to fabricate Excel as a remarkable choice as a Data Analytics Tool. Famous businesses that utilize Microsoft Excel for their day-to-day use are IKEA, Marriott, McDonald’s, and several more.
Microsoft Power BI

4.Power BI

Launched in 2011, Power BI is Microsoft’s alternative solution for Data Analytics. Being a portion of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI intents to offer interactive visualizations and business intelligence abilities with an edge sufficiently simple for end-users to autonomously generate their particular reports and dashboards. Power BI can be employed for data visualization, predictive analysis, and in lot more domains. Few key features of Microsoft Power BI are mentioned here, such as; Power BI are available in three different versions: Desktop, Pro and Premium. The Desktop version is unpaid whereas the other two are paid. It permits trading data to live dashboards and reports and distribute them.

It can be combined extremely well with Microsoft Excel and cloud services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics to facilitate a seamless Data Analysis. The business corporates that employ and utilize Microsoft Power BI are Tenneco, Ecolab, Nestle, and many more.


RapidMiner is a data science software platform that is technologically advanced for offering a cohesive atmosphere for data preparation, text mining, machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics, etc.

RapidMiner can be applied for the expansion of professional and profitable applications. It can be as well used for research, education, training, quick prototyping, and application advancement. It likewise ropes all phases of the machine learning procedure together with data preparation, finally results in visualization, model validation, and optimization. RapidMiner is established on an open core model (Open core model is a corporate model that is exploited for the monetization of commercially created open-source software program). Let us discuss few of the fundamental features of the RapidMiner here.

RapidMiner works well as a client and server model. The server of RapidMiner can be presented both on sites or in community or remote cloud set-ups. It has an extremely influential visual programming setting that can be professionally exploited for structuring and distributing models in a rapid way.

RapidMiner’s operations can be stretched with the support of supplementary leeway such as the Deep Learning extension or the Text Mining extension that are put together by the RapidMiner Souk. The RapidMiner Souk offers an extensive stage for designers to generate data analysis algorithms and put them out to the community.

RapidMiner has recently protracted the stage to professional coders and BI operators. It is a completely clear as crystal, end-to-end Data Science stage that empowers data research, machine learning, and model processes. Prominent companies that employ RapidMiner are HP Enterprise, BMW, Sanofi, and many more.

6.Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a data processing outline that is employed a whole heap for big data processing and Machine Learning. It permits data analysts to work on enormous datasets at a fast-pace. It is enormously effortless to scrutinize big data and execute computationally substantial analytics on them by means of Apache Spark. Apache Spark in the existing time is considered as one of the most dynamic Apache projects and it hails with an incredible open-source community and an edge for programming, that, guarantees fault tolerance and implicit data parallelism. Below we have discussed few most vital features of Apache Spark.

Spark is an unrestricted and open-source data analytics locomotive that is utilized for handling Big Data Processing. It executes certainly very well for batch and streaming data. Apache Spark is enormously simple to acquire. In consort with that, we might also employ it collaboratively from the Scala, Python, R, and SQL shells. It can operate on countless platforms, for example, Hadoop, Apache Mesos, standalone, or in the cloud. Apache Spark can gain access to assorted data sources.

Spark has tremendously huge libraries for SQL (SparkSQL), Live dataStream processing (SparkStreaming), Machine Learning (Mlib), Graph analytics (GraphX) and numerous more arenas. Few of the corporations that work by utilizing Apache Spark are Uber, Slack, Shopify, and several more.

7.KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner)

The Konstanz Information Miner, as well identified as KNIME, is an absolutely free of cost open-source data analytics, reporting, and integration software or stage. It joins in the diverse gears for machine learning and data mining by permitting operators to generate work flow for data analytics and assembling recyclable mechanisms reachable to everyone. Few most prominent key features of KNIME are discussed below. KNIME tool at this time is offering the subsequent two software programs:

KNIME Analytics Platform – The KNIME Analytics Platform is an open-source software program that is employed to clean and collect data. It is likewise exploited to produce reusable components that can be reachable to the whole world, and generate Data Science roadmaps.

KNIME Server – It is fundamentally a stage that can be employed by corporates for the deployment of Data Science roadmap, crew teamwork, administration, in addition to lot more.

KNIME offers an uncomplicated, well-designed drag and drops graphical user interface (GUI) which affords them to be model for visual programming (Visual programming is a sort of programming language that aids in allowing persons pronounce progressions by the use of illustration). KNIME provides a comprehensive statistical analysis and no mechanical proficiency is mandatory to generate workplans for data analytics in KNIME. There are countless number of companies which use KNIME. And the most popular ones are Siemens, Novartis, Deutsche Telekom, etc.


QlikView, a business analytics software is a SaaS (Software as a Service) software firm that delivers the QlikView Software, a standard guided analytics solution. This tool empowers us to quickly develop and distribute collaborating guided analytics applications and dashboards. Qlik Sense and Qlik Replicate are the two utmost significant products of QlikView. And for reference, both the products are cloud-based software for business intelligence and data integration.

Key features of QlikView 

It is a Self Service Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Data Analytics device that can be utilized for fast-tracking business worth by means of data by making available specific attributes like Data Integration, Data Literacy, Data Analytics, etc.

The most imperative features tossed by QlikView is an intelligent alerting platform Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense. This supports the establishments grip the exemptions, alert operators of latent problems. It as well supports operators to examine more, and prompts schedules built on the consequent understandings. Some of the corporations that depend on the QlikView profoundly are CISCO, NHS, KitchenAid, SAMSUNG, etc.


Splunk is another popular software or tool for searching, monitoring, and analysing machine-generated data. It ensures subsequently to employ a Web-style interface. By means of Splunk, one can capture, catalogue, and compare real-time data in a searchable source. One can make graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations from it. It can be similarly utilized for categorizing data outlines, offering metrics, identifying difficulties from machine data. In this manner, Splunk delivers acumen for corporate operations. There are three foremost products of Splunk accessible in the market right away:

Splunk Free or Splunk Light: Splunk Free permits search, report and alert on the complete log data in problem-solving time from same site. It has restricted utility and factors in comparison to the other two sorts.
Splunk Enterprise: It is frequently employed by businesses that have huge IT infrastructure and IT driven business in the meantime it supports in assembling and analysing the data from various websites, applications, instruments and sensors, etc.

Splunk Cloud: As apparent from the term itself, Splunk Cloud is a cloud hosted platform that has the identical attributes as Splunk Enterprise. One can take maximum advantage of it by using Splunk itself or via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

All three products differ by the frequency range of the attributes that they offer. They are all accessible for cost free download and trial versions.

Splunk is indeed advantageous in the Data Ingestion for an array of data formats, for example, JSON, XML and unstructured machine data such as web and application logs. Splunk as well assists features such as Data Indexing and Searching, Alerts and Dashboards for an improved investigation of data. The Splunk tool is used popularly for leading businesses such as Dominos, Otto Group, Intel, Lenovo, etc.


It is considered as a powerful data integrations ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool that is existing in the market at the present time. Talend was established in the Eclipse graphical development setting. Talend is known as one of the most suitable data analytics tools. It lets the operator manage all the stages involved in the ETL course and goals to offer compliant, reachable, and fresh data for the whole world without any difficulty.

Talend delivers software solutions for data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management, and big data. The most predominant features of this tool are mentioned below. Few of the most popular Talend products are Talend Open Source, Stitch Data Loader, Talend Cloud Data Integration, Talend Pipeline Designer and Talend Data Fabric.

Talend can support operators to distribute comprehensive and clean data at specific point in time as per its requirement. It ensures that by preserving data quality, offering Big Data integration, cloud API services, etc. It correspondingly formulates Data and delivers Data Catalog and Stitch Data Loader. Talend underway to stick to to xthe lakehouse paradigm for data and the track to expose intelligence in data. Talend Cloud is similarly accessible in Microsoft Azure Market. Some of the start-ups that employ on Talend are ALDO, ABInBev, EuroNext, AstraZeneca, etc.


So, as we have come to an end of the entire long story, we may conclude that after reading this article the readers will certainly have a better understanding on what Data Analytics Tools are and what are the different sorts of Data Analytics Tools that are presently being used across the world with the best corporates and small-scale industries. With every year that is being passed, the expanse of data being produced is anticipated to nurture exponentially, and consequently, the part of Data Analysts will turn out to be enormously vital for businesses in the adjacent upcoming time. Henceforth, any nascent Data Analyst ought to be acquainted with several kinds of Data Analytics tools that are existing today in the market so that an individual can support the firm by attracting and diverting a lot of traffic for their business and outshine in their respective career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to choose the top Data Analytics Tool?

Answer: Various sorts of Data Analytics Tool deliver diverse sorts of features and the response to this query will fluctuate from individual to individual. With the purpose of opting for the top Data Analytics Tool, first of all, it would be excellent if an individual can comprehend his or her business use case. Subsequently, one must discover all the possibilities and trade-offs of Data Analytics tools that costume their use case and in conclusion make up the performance and practice of these tools with the purpose to lastly choose which is the finest Data Analytics tool for them.

Question: Which is the easiest Data Analytics tool?

Answer: Few of the convenient and well-designed tools for Data Analytics are Python, Tableau and Microsoft Excel.

Question: Which Data Analytics tool is in demand?

Answer: Several excellent and popular in-demand Data Analytics Tools are Python, The language R, Apache Spark, Tableau, SAS, Jupyter Notebook and Microsoft Power BI.

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