What are 7 Types of Digital Marketing

What are 7 Types of Digital Marketing

If you are keen on beginning a small enterprise, private brand, trying to edifice a great linking network or may be just planning a portfolio. Consideration appears in brief stream in the existing times. Almost each google search or news bulletin are floating in the marketing that are actually competing for your attention, and they can make the outlook of endorsing your own work give the impression a little more intimidating. In the digital corporate site, it’s important that you outshine through the crowd and links to the public that are interested and looking forward for your kind of specialization. And, here comes in digital marketing in the light to make the picture more accomplished.

Digital Marketing

In common terms, marketing strategy principally conveys a message to latent clients for endorsing a brand or their product. Digital marketing strategies comprises of numerous non-digital methods, together with billboards, mailers, automated phone calls etc.

Employing on any marketing strategy performed on any of the various digital networks retrieved through your phone or computer is together known as digital marketing. There are several channels to ponder on such as search engines, social media accounts and blogs.

Digital marketing as a tool has gained immense popularity attributable to the continually rising internet and digital marketing. The creator of the Phoenix-based, digital marketing brand Green Hearted, Becky Montchal, started noticing the upsurge of digital marketing around eight years back. As stated by Becky Montchal,

“digital marketing strategies can effortlessly be relinquished for a business, for which she has said, that supposedly if you have searched for ‘sushi restaurant near me.’ So, unless that page is augmented to appear on such search in that specific location, then you may never get aware of this outstanding restaurant for sushi.”

Digital marketing efforts has turn out to be a vital backbone in the most recent times.

Montchal describes:

“COVID raised displaying these eateries like that sushi restaurant on the map for the reason that one had to adjust to this a digital-first approach, integrating corporations such as Uber Eats or Postmates or DoorDash.”

By effectively linking commerce to clients, digital marketing strategies have made it accessible for several corporates to survive the stoppage of in-person regulars. Digital marketing has in the present day turn out to be the law instead of the exclusion. Here below in this article, we have discussed the several sorts of digital marketing and look deeper into the reasons to contemplate on why is it important to develop a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Assets

Let’s, primarily look into the elementary component of digital marketing: Assets.

Digital marketing assets denote to a comprehensive type of digital facts and figures that can be utilized in the strategies of marketing methods to link with clients. Assets are the focus of interaction amid your probable client and the brand. Few assets, such as logos, are employed transversely over various marketing networks. Whereas, corresponding to an Instagram profile, occur inside an explicit network.

Few cases of digital marketing assets consist of:

  1. Social media profiles
  2. Websites
  3. Images and video content
  4. Blog posts, whitepapers and e-books
  5. Reviews and customer testimonials
  6. Branded logos, images and icons


Importance of Digital Marketing

A productive marketing campaign is completely dependent on the customers. Despite the fact, that setting up a billboard or posting an advertisement in the local newspaper can undoubtedly support you to influence audience, still their limit of reachability is restricted by geography and distribution.

Alternatively, digital marketing, has the possibility to range at a wide-spread audience through a digital podium. According to significant and recent statistics around the world, it is easy to summarize it that an average each adult engages to over 7 hours per day on a digital medium. It doesn’t really matter which audience you actually are looking forward to cater with the marketing strategies that you are hinging on; they should allow a decent amount of involvement to the digital world.

More to add on this, one must contemplate that latent clients utilize numerous diverse platforms for digital access. These platforms may be either a computer or a smartphone, that are employed for a robust marketing, also comes along with their discrete challenges and prospects. Discovering your audience and keeping them engaged can be extremely byzantine, specially when that focus is diverted between different tools, aside from the other digital marketing efforts.

Structuring a sturdy plan for digital marketing is undoubtedly an astonishing way to extricate your brand from neck-to-neck market battle. It influences the engagement of the budding clients that they coddle on the digital platforms, all while developing a comprehensible brand uniqueness transversely over various network.

If we look deeply, we will understand that Digital marketing tools permit you to build more eloquent networks with explicit clients. Compared to a printed advertisement on a newspaper, digital marketing lets you to reach directly and exactly to the target audience. These marketing strategies can be specified to the geographic and statistics tendencies that excellently signify the addressees for your brand.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are numerous domains where digital marketing can exceptionally help your brand or business.


Recent, U.S. Census Bureau data shows that 15.7% of corporate sales in the 2021 second quarter happened through the internet portal. This fraction has sited on a mounting trajectory for few years and was significantly fast-tracked by COVID-19’s adverse influence on in-person merchandise shopping.

Holding a website that’s with no trouble manageable on various digital channels, listed adjacent to the top position on Google, and allocated on quite a few marketing networks, can support you make the most of this trend. Digital marketing works in cooperation with an optimistic e-commerce understanding that retains that clients to approach back. Emailing former customers with reduction codes, or message related to a sale on social media can assist to strengthen the sales efforts online.


A brand denotes the comprehensive, incorporeal links that the addressees have in consort with you or your business. For example, there are a variation of logos, colours or slogans that public can straightforwardly recognize or link with an explicit establishment. Brands remained technologically advanced and set in several years of marketing with the intent of making them immediately decipherable.

By means of digital marketing, nevertheless, one doesn’t require years to backlog an image of a business. Through synchronizing constant efforts athwart diverse networks, you have the prospect to generate a reliable messaging and descriptions that will support in creating and firming up your brand for an extended stretch of span.


As soon as it comes on to the non-digital advertising, usually the costs are static, irrespective of just what number of audiences view at your commercial. For instance, the charge for a newspaper ad, does not replicate how influencing and powerful that ad is in reality. Marketers every so often get sincerely rewarded for conventional marketing techniques, enduring a substantial monetary peril in case of ineffective or failed advertisement.

The downside of this process, is that once the ad is produced then it’s very cumbersome and tough task to fine-tune it along with by what method your clients interrelate with it.

On the other hand, the digital marketing gears, have a tendency to possess a resilient pricing model. In cases, you display a Google ad, you only need to pay for every click when user connect. So, for prospects looking forward to utilize their marketing funds competently, this is an excellent advancement beyond the static rate of conventional marketing approaches.


Traditional or conventional marketing methods play a jumbled role in establishing a brand name or even improving its sales. Saying this doesn’t mean that traditional marketing hard work is completely impractical.

Strategizing a method than works complementing both the digital marketing and the conventional marketing together, will yield excellent outcomes. For beginners, it’s an abundant field to test and try the permutations of different marketing approaches. For the reason worthy acumens on what methods work out and what miss the mark.

These understandings can benefit to strengthen your old marketing methods, offering acumens on exactly what can work better in non-digital arrangements. In case of determining the most powerful motto for a billboard. It is surely going to be seamless, after you have tested and tried over quite a lot of designs over email and other social media networks. In a nutshell, digital marketing is at loggerheads with outdated marketing methods. In reality, they help each other prosper!

What are the Seven Types of Digital Marketing?

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Searching something on Google, will lead you to a page bursting with links that are well-organized in rapports of their significance to your search. This page is titled as Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

SEO is a digital marketing method that is employed to entitle and protect a website’s topmost grade on the SERP. This place is called a ranking, and the operators are greatly expected to connect on an advanced ranked outcome than an inferior one. In reality, 1/3rd of the total snaps on Google go to the link in the first place and radically drop-off for the subsequent sites. This drop-off is therefore thrilling that only less than 1% of Google searchers connect on information on the second page.

On-page SEO

The digital marketers keep posted time to time novel content on a website with the aim of ranking higher on the SERP by means of an on-page SEO. To comprehend on this, it’s crucial to ponder about search engines as a huge index of websites compered on the cyber space. The search engine “reads” although the pages on these websites and regulates in well-defined manner related to the search request. By being aware of the information each website contains, the search engine can regulate which listed websites are in most interrelation to the search.  It then accordingly ranks these websites.

The meticulous technique by which these grits are made in contrast from search engine to search engine. They are conditional on transformation and be contingent on numerous features that are both recognized and unidentified to the public. Few of these features take in:

  • The presence of terms linked to a search enquiry, termed keywords.
  • The presence of backlinks connecting to other parts of the website.
  • The development of content such as images and video for search engines

On-page SEO search for making a website “readable” to search engines and engrossed on content that relates to operator searches. A framework in writing is enormously valuable for creating on-page content that is augmenting and appealing for users.

Off-page SEO

Through on-page SEO, a website can be effortlessly listed and coordinated to diverse search enquiries. That is surely not the entire story, though, then the question arises that why do few websites rank better than others.

The digital marketers working with off-page SEO, make networks on the peripheral of a website that divert the operators back to that website. This is resulted as an emblem of expertise on any specific search enquiry, which definitely marks in the improved the website’s SERP ranking.

Forming these off-page networks isn’t an effortless task. It necessitates in extending out to other websites to link your content with theirs. By partaking content allied amid websites, both the fields profit from better SERP rankings.

Technical SEO

As it critical to rank high on the SERP, the technical SEO likewise emphasize on assembling the websites in a more “readable” format by various search engines. In preference to on-page SEO, that efforts on the text, images and other content presented on the website, technical SEO emphasizes on the website holding that content.

In other words, technical SEO empowers the set-up that styles up an online website for search-engine listing. Search engines “crawl” websites with the purpose of gathering data on their content. Technical SEO makes it unchallenging for search engines to get a sneak into specific website professionally and fault free.

Technical SEO is executed by numerous methods that are outside the possibility of this article, but then again consist of:

  • Enhancing the manual of a website
  • Descriptive website’s URL structure
  • Forming 404 and additional error pages
  1. SEM – Search Engine Marketing

To review, SEO protects all the methods that can help a digital marketer to expand a website’s SERP rankings in no cost. Appropriate SEO execution determines heavier traffic flow to a website by establishing that website as additionally relevant to multiple search requests.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), alternatively, encompasses compensating for marketing space on the SERP. There are several links that appear at the top of the SERP that are marked as ads, when you execute a Google explore. This is the main feature of SEM. The influential digital marketers recompense Google on these occasions to set their province at the uppermost spot.

Two Main Forms of SEM

PPC – Pay-per-click

By means of pay-per-click SEM, digital marketers reimburse for advertisement position at the uppermost of the SERP. This method is accomplished by an auction arrangement. In this arrangement, the more recurrently searched keywords are valued more and thus high-priced for advertisement space. Whereas, the lesser explored keywords cost a lesser price.

This sort of an arrangement is titled as pay-per-click ads for the reason that they commonly only charge money when the link gets clicked. This specific feature sort PPC ads to be extremely striking to digital marketers on a low budget.

PPC ads include:

Shopping ads: In most of the search engines, these shopping PPC ads show on the uppermost of the shopping search.

Text ads: The text ads embrace the SEO heading, links and quotation that be made up of totally of copy.

Display ads

Display ads are the ones you get to view on multiple websites that you frequently visit, every so often accommodated on amenities such as Google Ads. If you are bidding for cost-per-thousand-impressions basis format then one must opt for display ads that commonly functions on this method. The total number of times an ad appears across the user is termed as Impressions. This is completely different to cost-per-click pricing as in that case the money is charged irrespective of whether the users connect on the ad or not. The latent clients can naturally and easily come to be connected to display ads on the internet site they visit. In combination with added digital marketing approaches, this can be an operative method to endorse to clients.

  1. Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing method endorses specific brands through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc that makes them stand as a significant and strengthening pillar of support to digital marketing.

As stated by the Pew Research Centre, around 3/4th of world’s population is existing on some platform of social media. The victory on these stands has the possibilities to spread your brand to masses. Beginning on these platforms and starting a social media account is mostly free of cost.

Two Main Types of Social Media Marketing


Organic social media marketing fundamental objective offers methods through which you can raise your social media account’s following in no cost. This consist of following other accounts and producing social media content that attracts and engage others. A digital marketer on the lookout for organic social media traffic may create posts and tag them with popular hashtags. This links that specific post to others utilizing that particular hashtag, which in turn build that it additionally possible that operators will go to visit that account.

A sturdy social media marketing approach makes the most of numerous accounts on various social media network stages to erect an audience. For example, a widespread video on YouTube, can be utilized to engage operator traffic to an Instagram profile or Facebook page. The final outcome is a robust brand standing and engaging loads of customers towards your business.

Paid advertising

By means of search engines, paid social media marketing permits digital marketers to purchase an ad site on social media newsfeed. Browsing your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram Explore, you’ve to be expected run athwart over endorsed posts. These might be regarding your curiosity or previous searched history and this is an influential method for brands to grasp an audience that was certainly not possible to reach by organic approaches.

Social marketing platforms for business

Certain social-media platforms for business comprise:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  1. Influencer marketing

On the various social-media channels, countless handlers have combined huge followings, generally affiliated on a mutual interest. These handlers are acknowledged as influencers, that can leverage their giant followings to display an advertisement with heaps of audience.

As, central segment of influencer marketing, brands will put forth to influencers for endorsements. This helps in getting a product to a circle of people who are most expected to be attracted to it. For an instance, in the existing scenario famous health brands, regularly involve with workout celebrities to endorse your products or deals. This is in comparison to other methods is more innovative and exciting sort of digital marketing.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is the most traditional arrangement of digital marketing. It involves emailing possible customers with advertising properties to spotlight the newest promotions, news, products, etc. These latent clients may have offered their personal or professional email addresses to get updates from a particular business, or a digital marketer may have procured an email index exactly for this point.

Email marketing is a chance to link with operators who are the most prospective to be novel or frequent customers. Every so often these handlers have deliberately chosen in to obtain marketing posts, that generally point out to that they have specific curiosity in a brand. Email marketing can be greatly advantageous to receive clients who have given their emails at sales counter to come back for next acquisition. Although the possible scope of email marketing is limited in comparison to the SEO or social media marketing domain. Even then the email marketing addressees is normally more passionate in regard to the brand.

  1. SMS marketing

Very similar to email marketing is another tool known as SMS marketing. It usually is received by the audience those who have mainly picked to obtain text messages from any specific brand or business. This point to an overall passion about a brand, but it emanates with the peril of irritating and distancing budding customers. The fundamental step of SMS marketing is planned messaging about and around the specific client interests.

SMS marketing permits for prompt, synchronized messaging to countless operators. This is an ideal system for time-dependent advancements such as exciting offers or for prompting operators about a forthcoming occasion. Messaging can repeatedly be modified according to the needs and necessities of discrete handlers, that can strengthen the association amid a user and the brand.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing emphasizes on generating and allocating resources that are applicable and valuable to an audience for a specific brand. It drives concurrent with the multiple sorts of digital marketing and is mostly perilous feature for an on-page SEO.

Content marketing encompasses almost the whole shebang from a blog posts or videos to enlightening graphics. All these channels have one thing in common that they can all be hosted on same website and be distributed on diverse platforms. Content marketing deciphers identity of a brand identity into possessions that can be retrieved, understood and allocated amongst an audience.

Stout content marketing inputs generates content on a regular basis that is treasured and valued by possible customers. This process includes a comprehensive investigation for a blog, creating an innovative, involving and impressive video content, or producing pictures that operators can distribute over social media. Content marketing can expand the awareness of particular brand over countless networks, channelise flow of the SEO traffic to a website and eventually leading to upsurge the sales.

So, here we end this discussion on the 7 different types of digital marketing. After this detailed informative article one can certainly be aware of all the merits and demerits, and acquaintance with them can support your advancement hard work to the subsequent level.


Tracking Digital Marketing Success

Analytics! They assist you to understand and estimate the efforts of digital marketing for your brand. The foremost step is utilizing and studying the complete data that has been received and gathered from the various sources. And in the subsequent step these analytics offer an understanding that can be accustomed to advance your strategies of digital marketing. Numerous tools can be employed to accumulate and scan this information, for example: Google Analytics, Google My Business and Facebook Analytics

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are main shards of information linked to a digital marketing process’s feat. Digital marketers keep a track of KPIs to track on how well actually these campaigns are processing. Various KPIs include:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): The cost to translate a possible buyer into a client
  • Conversions: How many guests to a page track through with a procurement
  • Click rate: Total count of clicks obtained by an advertisement or SERP link
  • Average time of conversion: How long it takes for an operator to explore an internet site and go ahead with an acquisition

Although there are numerous capable KPIs, but then again all of them offer an understanding on in what manner digital marketing practices are working and at what junction is there a room for advancement.

Suggestions for Digital Marketers

Experts have certain suggestions for the existing and budding digital marketers that may benefit their digital set-up:

  • Primarily, build an impressive website
  • Then by employing services such as Google Analytics track analytics for your website
  • Next, get entitled for your brand’s username on social media platform to manage your digital presence
  • At last, do mention the geographic positioning of your brand on relevant search engines

At Last,

We must say that digital marketing is an essential tool that plays a central role from establishing to tracking your business on the web realm. Here in this, details article we have tried our best to gather and put-together all the facts and figures related to a digital marketing journey.

Digital marketing strategies if employed wisely can be a boon to boost your brand or business for utmost range in the present system and time.

We Hope that this article was abundantly entertaining and informative, so that you can get back to us for future reference!

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