Guide to using Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with billions of active users all over the globe. If you master the art of Instagram marketing, the possibilities are endless. But Instagram is a very competitive platform, and you need to be a celebrity, sports star, or influencer to reach out to people. Well, if you aren’t any of them, you need to use hashtags for Instagram.

Instagram hashtags are very powerful content marketing tools. If you manage to master them, then you can build your brand from scratch.

In this article, we will cover all the aspects of using hashtags for Instagram posts.

Guide to using Instagram Hashtags

What is an Instagram Hashtag?

The Instagram hashtag is a metadata tag that is used to categorize the content. The main purpose of hashtags for Instagram is to increase media outreach. A post can have multiple tags, therefore, covering the wide range of viewers that are interested in similar content.

Instagram hashtags are clickable. It redirects the user to the posts that are uploaded with the same hashtag.

By using proper tags you can sneak into the feed of Instagram users who aren’t even aware of your product or services. That too without using any ad. On top of that, the Instagram algorithm suggests similar posts based on tags. That is why trending tags are a major marketing strategy on Instagram.

Instagram also made hashtags an important part of its network by adding features like hashtag search and follow. You can directly search for a tag and follow them to get regular updates for all the posts uploaded using the same tags.

What are the different types of Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags can take your content to the mainstream. However, bogus text can never be the best hashtag for Instagram. Instead, it will have adverse effects on your account. By the time you realize the error, your page will be flooded with annoying followers.

The Instagram algorithm is not very kind to suspicious accounts. Therefore, you need a positive network that will help you thrive.

Here is a wide categorization of tags that will help you understand different types of hashtags for Instagram:

1. Product/Service Hashtags:

These hashtags highlight any product or service that you provide on your platform.

2. Industry Niche Hashtags:

A product or service is a wide umbrella. You can use specific tags to narrow down the search even further.

3. Branded Hashtags:

You can use such tags to promote your brand or any other brand that you want to recommend.

4. Campaign Hashtags:

These hashtags hold the power to unite people for a common cause. #blacklivesmatter

5. User-generated Content Hashtags:

You can generate unique tags to categorize your content. So that your followers can easily find your product or service.

6. Instagram Community Hashtags:

Thousands of Instagrammers do what you do. Community hashtags are the common thread that connects them to you.

7. Event or Conference Hashtags:

These tags cover national holidays, events, or festivals.

8. Location Hashtags:

If you have an offline business, it is the best way to target customers nearby.

9. Phrase Hashtags:

Small phrases can be anything from inspirational to mundane.

10. Daily Hashtags:

Tags covering specific days come under this category of hashtags.

Do Instagram hashtags still work in 2022?

We have been hearing this a lot lately, “hashtags are not working anymore”, “Instagram algorithm needs to be fixed”, blah blah blah. Well, the Instagram algorithm is not broken, it is evolving. A hashtag that worked last year will not be a trending hashtag on Instagram forever.

Hashtags are still working and they will keep working as long as there is a social network. You need to use them wisely. Proper hashtags and a strong content strategy can do wonders for you.

Using Trending hashtags on Instagram is the best way to target a larger audience but that audience doesn’t always consist of your target customers.

You should stick to the hashtags that define your customers accurately. Targeted hashtags will not limit your growth, instead, they will give you ideal followers for your business.

How do we use Instagram hashtags?

Using hashtags for Instagram posts is a common practice among Instagrammers. Almost all the posts are uploaded with certain hashtags, but most of them fail to make it to the users.

Hashtags are free to use. All Instagram users are using the same hashtags for Instagram, the difference lies in our way of using them.

If you are good at hashtag research and content strategy execution, you will yield good results.

Here are some tips to make the most of your Instagram hashtags:

Tip # 1: Always use Insights:

Using a business profile for Instagram marketing gives you access to a very useful feature called “view insights”. It will give you a detailed report of all the interactions on your post.

You can analyze the information about the interaction received from hashtags. Go through your posts and sort the hashtags that are working the best for you.

Keep updating your tags using insights to sustain a steady growth on your Instagram page.

Tip #2: Instagram Stories:

Hashtags for Instagram are not limited to photos or videos, you can use them for stories as well. Stories are a great way to interact with customers with a short attention span.

You can make a dynamic story to grab the attention of your viewers but you will need appropriate hashtags to reach the right users. That makes hashtag stories a great marketing strategy.

You can use stickers or type your hashtags using the “#” sign.

Tip #3: Avoid Suspicious Hashtags:

The Instagram algorithm keeps working to make it a user-friendly interface. Thousands of tags are banned every day and spammers are having a hard time keeping up with Instagram’s evolving algorithms.

To avoid falling into the category of suspicious accounts, you should check your tags regularly. Instagram removes all the recent posts associated with a banned hashtag. Consequently, your post will not even make it to the users.

A banned hashtag can nullify the effect of all the legitimate hashtags that might prove effective. Therefore, keeping a check on new tags is a useful habit you should incorporate into your content strategy.

Tip #4: Understand the Algorithms:

A hashtag search is the best way to make your way to a new audience. It is really hard to make it to the top section but you can make it work for the “Recent” section.

Avoid choosing a trending hashtag for Instagram as your post will disappear even before it is uploaded. Go for a hashtag with moderate engagement. It will give you enough time to stay on the page and gain some traffic.

Tip #5: Don’t just Copy Paste:

Pasting the same tags on every post is very convenient but when it comes to user engagement, it doesn’t work well. Posting repetitive tags can make you vulnerable to the algorithm and it will dismiss your post in no time.

Always use relevant hashtags for your content. In this way, you will not only make it to their feed but will also engage the right users. For better results, you should choose the right tags for every post. 

How many Instagram hashtags should you use on Instagram?

There is no certain rule that determines the number of hashtags you can use on Instagram. The limit is 0-30, anything more than that will not be uploaded.

Using maximum hashtags for Instagram posts doesn’t always work in your favor. It will expose you to unwanted viewers and in a worst-case scenario, you might end up running into a blocked tag.

Anywhere around 5-6 tags are fine as your post will reach the target audience without spamming. You can also make it work with 3 to 4 well-researched best hashtags for Instagram.

Everything works well as long as you stay within an acceptable range. Try things out and find what’s best for you.

How to find the best hashtags for content strategy?

Using the right tags can skyrocket your reach and engagement. However, finding the right tags for every post is a different thing altogether.

There are 3 common ways to find the relevant tags for every post:

1: Use third-party tools:

There are many Instagram hashtag generator tools on the internet. You can use them to find the relevant hashtags for your posts.

These tools are effective and easy to use. Type the keyword and you will get the list of all the relevant hashtags.

2: Explore on Instagram:

We use the explore page for fun. If used correctly, it can give you the best hashtags for Instagram.

It will display the hashtags used on the most number of posts on Instagram. These hashtags are already on trending posts, you should try to find the appropriate tags for your content.

Go through the similar content and see what’s working for other users. It will give you an insight into the Instagram algorithm.

3: Search Volume:

You should have a look at the search volume of every hashtag. It will give you a list of the most used hashtags on Instagram.

Tags used for the highest number of posts may look appealing but they are not always relevant. Also, using the most trending hashtags makes it hard for your content to stand out. Chances are that your post will be lost among the hundreds of thousands of posts.

It is best to go for the hashtags with medium search volume. It keeps your post in a decent position for engagement.

As long as your content is reaching out to your target audience, you are using the best hashtags for Instagram.


Choosing the right hashtags for Instagram will give you an edge over your competitors. Social media marketing requires a lot of patience and consistency. Engage with your followers frequently. Social media marketing works a lot on referrals. Formulate your content marketing strategy and keep working on it.

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