How to find customers for Export Business.

How to find customers for Export Business

The sales that your product brings in determine how good it is. You have undoubtedly already thought about the issue of how to locate buyers for your products and how to get in touch with them while starting your export business and deciding on the product you will ship. The simplest approach would be to start with a devoted customer base or export a good enough product that it will undoubtedly sell itself. However, this is incredibly challenging, if not outright impossible, for many startup enterprises. So how do you go about locating buyers abroad?

One might assume that you’ve already decided on the export market for your product by this point (s). Your buyer-search activities will be – to a considerable extent – determined by the target market and its consumers. Some markets may benefit from digital marketing, while others may require a little more personalization. Organizations like FIEO and local Export Promotion Council are other resources you can turn to for help and assistance (EPC). Let’s take a closer look at these potential methods:

How to find buyers online?

You can engage in the following actions as part of your search for online customers for your export goods:

You must create a user-friendly and expert website for your company. Investing in strategies like search engine marketing will also bring you and your product closer to the consumers in your target country who are looking for similar things. Your website will appear in pertinent Google searches with the aid of search engine optimization. You may also find the search terms that are most likely to direct potential customers to your website or product by using tools like Google Ads

Enhancing the visibility of your website with Google Search Console is a fantastic additional concept. You may manage the structure of your website using the Console, and you can also learn more about the different types of traffic your domain receives. You may utilise this information over time to better understand whether or not your website is visible to the demographic of potential customers you are after and to optimise it accordingly.

To connect with your clientele on a worldwide scale, you should also think about creating a social media plan. A company’s social media presence is frequently built using websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, etc. However, keep in mind that not all social media platforms will be ideal for your company. Clearly define the goal of your social media presence and choose a platform in accordance with your needs in terms of customer acquisition.

In addition to social media, joining business-to-business (B2B) websites and buyer-seller marketplaces like Alibaba, DHGate, Indiamart, Global Sources, Made in China, etc. is a terrific method to increase your online presence. To assist you sell your goods directly and to increase your visibility with customers, be sure to include a link to your website in your profiles on these platforms.

Regardless of the online solution(s) you select, be sure to consistently edit, manage, and curate your profile and content so that potential customers find it trustworthy and beneficial to contact you.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Small and large Indian exporters have a more direct opportunity to meet and converse with visiting foreign buyers and export-import firms at trade fairs and exhibitions. You can take part in fairs and exhibitions held by various trade organisations throughout the world in addition to similar events held in India. These events can be both general and industry-specific.

These gatherings bring together buyers, sellers, and other trade ecosystem participants in huge numbers, making them the ideal settings for networking and client engagement. At these events, you can demonstrate your goods, answer inquiries, and even finalise orders. You may find out more about forthcoming fairs and exhibitions through FIEO and your local export promotion council.

Government bodies like Export Promotion Councils

When looking for export customers, government organisations such as commodity boards, export promotion councils, and even ministries, can be a wonderful source of information. These organisations will be more than pleased to supply information, such as names of potential customers, locations where you can meet them, etc., as they are charged with boosting the nation’s exports and assisting exporters. In addition to information on current customers, you may get trade data and statistics on the export of various items in your industry. Keep an eye out for forthcoming events and be sure to sign up for them because, as was already indicated, these bodies’ events and delegations are the ideal method to meet and sign up potential customers.


Even though they are not normally places focused on trade, embassies can be a useful place to find information about trade. India maintains almost 200 diplomatic posts globally, including embassies and consulates in numerous nations. You might approach them to seek for names of reputable purchasers in that particular country in your field since they have access to local news and market trends. Inquiries about potential purchasers can be made on your behalf by FIEO and your Export Promotion Council to these missions. However, it should be underlined that the exporter, and not the EPC or the embassy, is always responsible for performing due diligence regarding the reliability of the buyer.

Third-Party Agencies

Depending on the initiative made, these can take a variety of shapes:

Foreign Agencies are state-sponsored or -controlled organisations that handle large-scale transactions to satisfy the needs of their respective nations.

Bulk buyers who want to buy from your nation can be buying agents. Sources like embassies and export authorities are good places to start if you want to find out whether there are foreign buying agents in India.

Foreign wholesalers are intermediaries who ultimately resale items that have been imported from abroad in their home nation. They frequently make large purchases, as the moniker would imply.

Foreign agents known as commission agents facilitate communication between buyers and sellers and organise a transaction between the two in return for a commission.

Additionally, you have the option of employing a sales commission agent or employee to close agreements and promote your company and product to customers.

Request invoice factoring using drip capital.

Market Research Companies

Many businesses provide exporters and traders with trade-related professional services, such as international directories of importers in other nations, market research and studies, shipment-related data, etc. These businesses offer information that is particular to your industry and product, but be aware that the price may occasionally be extremely high.

Building your own network of clients and industry leaders will ultimately be essential to maintaining the success of your export firm. These contacts will eventually serve as the foundation for the ongoing operations of your export firm. Your export business will be ready to launch operations once you’ve successfully created a list of customers and importers using the techniques discussed here. At this point, you can start contacting them and showing interest in establishing trade ties.


Invest on the layout and content of your website to give it a polished appearance and appeal, as prospective customers frequently base their opinions of you on your website.

Social media and other online platforms may be restricted or barely present in some countries. Select the appropriate platform for your industry; for instance, China’s leading social media platforms are considerably different from those in the US.

The majority of fresh exporters may not be able to afford middlemen because they eat into your profits unless they provide huge volumes of leads and partnerships.


Know your product and how it is consumed. Online tools can help you connect with customers in a variety of global marketplaces, but if your product is not a good fit for those customers’ needs, you are unlikely to succeed.

Be cautious while using social media for your company. In order to prevent unintentionally offending your customers, be aware of regional traditions, customs, and cultures.

6 best techniques to discover customers

One of the most frequent queries we receive from business owners interested in importing and exporting is how to find buyers for exports. Since much relies on what you are exporting and where it is going, there is no easy or straightforward answer to this question.

Here are six methods to find buyers:

Find and Research Facebook Groups

Before you make the plunge, it’s a good idea to take the time to thoroughly explore the online markets for your export in various nations and regions. Post inquiries to forums, Facebook groups, and any other places where you may find locals’ perspectives. This will be helpful because locals who live and work in your desired location are the best source of input. Asking about cost and even the opinion of the product can yield highly useful input.

YouTube: Finding Buyers and Closing the Deal

In the YouTube video below, Alan Bracken discusses his 35+ years of expertise and the hundreds of sales he has been a part of while providing helpful advise on finding export buyers and the best ways to clinch the purchase.

Do It Yourself

Why not think about selling your products when there are so many websites available that allow you to sell your own goods? Ebay, Amazon, and AliExpress are the biggest and best-known, and since they are global, this is an excellent place to start. Create an account, list your products on these websites, then check to see if any orders are placed. If you do, you can be more certain that there will be a market for your goods in that nation or region.

Numerous lesser-known but well-known websites exist online that focus on independent sellers and handmade goods, like Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet. I’m certain that a little bit of study for your target nation will turn up others.

Best Practice

If you choose this course of action, it is worthwhile to take the time to learn the best ways to list your products so that you can profit fully. Consider taking images of your products that are sufficiently detailed and well-lit. Take pictures of the product from different perspectives so that customers can clearly see it all, and think about making a quick promotional film as well. In order to save people from contacting you and waiting for a response, write a detailed title, description, and address any of the most often queries regarding the product. Make sure there are no barriers in the way when they are ready to buy so they may click “Buy Now” immediately.

Customer Service

Make sure your level of client service is top-notch. Respond to inquiries right away, send your items as soon as your orders are verified, and don’t wait. Send updated shipping and tracking information to the consumer so they may follow the delivery’s progress. Due to its top-notch customer support, Zappos has sold more than $1 billion worth of shoes. There is much to be learned from Zappos’ approach to customer service, which earned them the devotion of their clients.

We All Read The Reviews

Ask for a positive review in exchange for excellent customer service, as these are obviously crucial for legitimacy. This inspires confidence in both your product and service in your next potential consumer. They might click the “Buy” button without hesitation if there are several favourable reviews.

Bringing It Together For Wholesale Export

You may leverage this to your advantage once you’ve made some sales, established a clientele, and garnered positive feedback. Getting in touch with wholesalers and having a solid track record can both be very beneficial. The wholesaler is at less risk if you can demonstrate that you are already selling your goods at the neighbourhood market. This is a terrific method to start a pitch for your products and will undoubtedly catch the attention of both wholesalers and retailers if you can mention that you’ve already sold “X” number of products in their country and you have “X” number of favourable reviews that your potential wholesaler can verify.

Google Search

Although it may seem obvious, Google is the undisputed leader in search, so begin there. For instance, look up “rug wholesalers in UK” on Google if you are exporting rugs or carpets from Turkey.

There will be many wholesalers available for you to reach out to and see if you can spark any interest in your goods. Try to stand out from the crowd because wholesalers receive a lot of emails and phone calls and are always being offered products. A well-written email that includes crisp, expert images of your products is a smart place to start.

Follow The Kompass

Over 20 million businesses from 70 different countries are listed in the online business-to-business directory Kompass. You have a decent possibility of discovering export customers in this excellent business resource’s listings. The connections are a terrific place to start, but the information is not free and you must purchase lists of companies.

National Embassy’s

Although more of an outdated strategy, it is nevertheless useful. National Embassies are there to aid in the development of these relationships in order to encourage trade between their nation and the rest of the globe. Requesting a list of wholesalers for your export product from the commercial division of a country’s embassy is definitely worthwhile.

This same applies in reverse; if you want to import specific goods from a nation, you need get in touch with its embassy. For instance, a few months ago, we worked with a businessman who was looking for pine furniture to import and sell in the UK. He made a request for assistance from the Cypriot embassy in London, where he was located. It was obvious where to look for furniture because Cyprus is home to many pine trees and is highly recognised for its furniture. Our entrepreneur went on to negotiate some fantastic agreements and develop a profitable firm with the assistance of the embassy, which was delighted to assist and promote its exports as well as provide a list of reliable and well-established factory wholesalers.

Chambers of Commerce

Similar to national embassies, chambers of commerce (such as the British Chamber of Commerce) are a useful resource to contact. The Chambers have strong ties to numerous local businesses and industries and wish to encourage international trade and commerce. They can push you in the right path since they may give guidance, assist, and frequently support firms by providing training.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned exporter trying to expand your company abroad or a first-time exporter testing the international waters. Finding customers to purchase the products or services you offer is always your biggest difficulty. Selling is never simple in a foreign nation. Other factors to take into account include physical distances, cultural disparities, and language obstacles. Fortunately, modern technology has made the world smaller and us closer to one another. This indicates that it is now simpler than it was 20 years ago to discover international customers for your export firm.

The two essential elements of a successful export business plan are the subject of this blog. As follows:
1. Locating a market
2. Obtaining clients

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