Comparison Between Indiamart and TradeIndia

Comparison Between Indiamart and TradeIndia

The B2B marketplace offers a great opportunity for businesses to work directly with each other and save time. The list of B2B portals in India is quite big. But two of them (IndiaMART and TradeIndia) are ruling the industry.

They have turned out to be one of the best B2B platforms that one can ever find, especially in a country like India, where the needs of businesses are ever-growing. Although many people think they are similar, in reality, both platforms differ in some cases. The information has been clearly specified here.



IndiaMART, as of now, is the largest B2B marketplace in India, which allows connecting the buyers with the sellers. It has 60% of the total market share. A great thing about IndiaMART is that it is the best platform for both buyers and sellers. It offers them all the convenience required for connecting with the seller from anywhere. While for the suppliers, it helps build credibility and offers to sell the products and services easily.


TradeIndia has successfully managed to build a good reputation in the industry. By providing reliable services to the people, they aim to integrate the business into the Global value chain. This can be done by bringing all of them together. The platform is smooth, secured and highly efficient in connecting with the audience. They have been making use of the technology to the very best.

A great part about the platform is that there is no default risk, and IT results are in demand. You will have a seamless deal booking process, logistics, payments etc. It is an organized marketplace that has turned out to be extra beneficial for people.

About CEO


Dinesh Agarwal, the CEO of IndiaMART, is one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. He has been working hard over the years to ensure the platform’s success. It has been recognized as the biggest contributor to the Indian business environment. In fact, he was given the title of Young Turks by CNBC and The Economic Times gave him the title of The Market Maker.

In recent years, he turned out to be a big investor putting in money in many start-ups. The portfolio includes companies like medical apps, Syntex start-ups, crowdfunding platforms and others. He has been performing successfully well in all of it.


Bikky Khosla, on the other hand, is the founder and the CEO of one of the largest E-Commerce platforms, TradeIndia. Over the years, he has successfully built a good name in the industry and worked hard to reach the position where he is today. He is a dedicated leader, the driving force and a visionary behind the success of the import and export trade in India.

Besides the TradeIndia platform, he is presently the chairman of The E-Commerce Committee of ASSOCHAM. He is also the editor of SME Times, a business news website. Besides, he is even performing well as an investor in multiple industries.



Undoubtedly both platforms have pros and drawbacks, but when discussing them separately, you will see that IndiaMART has dominated the industry. It is a private network marketing company specializing in B2B commerce operations.

The number of suppliers available on the platform can be quite overwhelming. This is why it is recognized all over the globe for enhancing its effectiveness. IndiaMart recently launched, which aims to serve as an eCommerce platform for all small and medium-sized enterprises. They work as a stepping stone for people to get online and have the ease of selling their products and services.

The platform’s usability is super simple to be handled by a newbie. The suppliers will have the ability to showcase the products free of charge, buy leads, create free websites etc. While the buyers can send by requirements needs, manage the seller alerts etc.


TradeIndia, on the other hand, has managed to take the wings across the world. It is a popular site for exhibitions and trade shows among small businesses in India. As of now, it deals with about 1200 categories. The main one surely is the online business, catalogues, credit reports, trade alerts, call me free services etc.

There is no local business that goes unnoticed on the platform. It is a blessing for small industries to go online and have a better chance of getting in front of an audience.



When talking about the disadvantages of IndiaMart, the paid services are getting a lot of complaints. It is being criticized for being too costly for the returns they offer. The information database herein is also not perfect as the old details are not being updated or reviewed regularly, which does not make for appropriate changes on the platform.


In contrast, TradeIndia, despite being the biggest e-commerce website in India, suffers from some of the consequences in terms of quality service or product delivery. The company is working towards expanding the business, due to which they are facing challenges in ensuring the delivery of quality products to the users.

Membership plans


IndiaMART offers a great source of high-quality leads, but to obtain that, the users must purchase a paid membership. Every month a defined number of leads will be provided through the premium listing. It is primarily determined by the package you have purchased. When you have got free business testing, then you can make the purchase of the leads for a small fee.


TradeIndia offers good membership plans to meet unique needs. The units have the ability to select the plans based on the requirement and then purchase adequate products or services for the company venture.

The most common one is the bundle package of the platform, which is divided into four sections: company profile, the home page, contact us, and showroom. This will offer the option to upload unlimited images, provide a full product range in the listing, offer multiple screens etc.

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Both platforms have been working quite hard to provide people with the support they require and ease the job of the business so that it can reach out to the audience. Although they might look similar, there are certain differences that keep them aloof from each other. The guide here must have cleared the information for you. You can make your pick based on the information available.

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