Top 10 Email Marketing Software

Suitable email marketing  software will better  for the email marketing game. However, deciding on which software is best suited for your business may be tricky. It is not only restricted to sending and receiving emails. Tools can be used to expand audience, segregate lists and linking all marketing networks and utilize the software for maximum business and revenue growth.

Suitable email marketing  software will better  for the email marketing game. However, deciding on which software is best suited for your business may be tricky. It is not only restricted to sending and receiving emails. Tools can be used to expand audience, segregate lists and linking all marketing networks and utilize the software for maximum business and revenue growth.

A meticulous acumen on the topic may guide to make an improved decision on the best email marketing software existing in the market. A list of top ten email marketing software, based on user experience, analytical features, template selections, and compliance in order to craft an all-inclusive has been discussed here.

What is Email Marketing Software?

Email helps to conveniently craft mails, and helps in better understanding of open rates and click through rates. It is employed by entrepreneurs, content creators, and companies to manage their email marketing campaigns. They offer a complete set of amenities email creation, delivery, and tracking.

An email marketing software, assists to forward bulk emails to your subscriber list, customized for clients and to understand how they are interacting with it.

Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Time Saving: Most email service providers have limited email sending capacity and recipient are added manually, rigorously obstructing email marketing goals. Decent email marketing software has bulk mailing feature, which enables to send email to entire subscriber’s list at single go.

Attractive Templates: These tools offer an array of convenient and customizable templates to get more attractive and engaging emails designed to bout your brand’s theme and tone.

Understanding Email Execution: Assess emails performance to identify areas that require improvement. Email marketing software has an allocated section that gives insight into delivery accomplishment, open rate, and engagement rate of your emails, that determines operations’ success.

Mechanize Responses: Responding to thousands of mail one-by one can be really tiring and challenging. Email marketing tools authorize you to respond through automated reverts to common queries along with automated sequences for specific consumer tasks.

Cost of Email Marketing Software

Depending on the service selection, offered specifications and email marketing strategy, a starter pack may cost between $8-$20, however advanced pack costs around $200 or above. Plus for a customized, enterprise-level design, the expenses exceed the $1000/month mark.
Selecting a Perfect Email Marketing Software

Important features for an ideal email marketing tool:

Assorted Templates: Email marketing tool gives us a platter of templates to choose from according to the design and need for every niche.

Simple and Responsive: Perfect email marketing tool must be uncomplicated to use and deliver emails with 100% success rate.

Automated Operations: Email marketing software must have assured automation, through automated responses and email sequences.

Data-Driven: Ideal software, mechanically stores significant customer data. It helps to segregate diverse target audience and routinely provides sensitive client data to enhance success of marketing campaigns.

Consistent Customer Support: For perfect email marketing software, customer support’s reliability and efficiency is the backbone for any business.

Is Gmail an Email Marketing Tool?

It is extremely helpful for small businesses and for people who vision to expand their business. It can be helpful in bundle of ways that are aligned below:

1.Setting up your Email Campaign: Free tools such as Gumbamail, a free Chrome extension, is supportive for changing Gmail into an email marketing tool. This email marketing tool allows scheduling and direct mailing campaigns to your subscribers without a gmail exit.
2.Boost conversion with personalized emails: GMass strategies comprises of mail-merge style personalization, fallback values, and automatic first-name detection. It customizes your email marketing and boosts your conversion rate.
3.Keep track of what’s working and what isn’t: GMass, click tracking is the default option, it automatically converts the link in the email into a trackable format. This ensures that valuable information about your email marketing campaigns starts to being reported just after the software installation. GMass even collects all of the important campaign-level data about your messages — such as how many messages were opened, clicked, replied to, or bounced — and generates a report in downloadable CSV format.
4.Create marketing emails when it’s convenient for you: GMass makes scheduling mass emails a cinch. When you’ve perfected your message, simply select one of GMass’s pre-configured send times to control when your marketing emails are released. You can even set custom dates and times, giving you the power to send messages at precisely the right moment for your audience.
5.Manage your mailing list with Google Sheets: GMass, you can store your mailing lists where you store all of your other important information — in a Google Sheet! GMass allows you to select a spreadsheet saved on your Google Drive account and uses the information it pulls to fill in all the gaps in your marketing messages.
Design, test, and revise until you’re completely satisfied with your marketing emails: GMass makes putting together marketing emails intuitive by letting you create emails using the same compose window you would for any other message. You can also put GMass into Test Mode, which allows you to make sure your copy, design, and personalization are perfect before the message is sent. Design, test, revise, and repeat until you are completely satisfied with every campaign you send.
6.Break Gmail’s sending limits to expand your campaign’s reach: GMass uses an advanced email distribution system to take that problem off of your plate. When GMass detects that you are attempting to send an email campaign to more than 500 people using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account), it automatically distributes the emails over multiple days. That means that even if you have 8,000 people on your mailing list, you can press the send button at once.

Top Ten Best Email Marketing Software  


Email Marketing software-Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been one of the best email marketing software holding 62% market shares. Founded by Dan Kurzius and Ben Chestnut, MailChimp is easily the email marketing tool that most beginners start with. The tool is easy, friendly, fun, and you can get some of its features free of charge. It has expanded its roots to websites and e-commerce, providing merchants with ultimate marketing and hosting solutions.

Key Features

1.Content Optimizer: Mailchimp, delivers a customized outcomes to make your emails organized, interesting and click-worthy.

2.Action-triggered Mails: Mailchimp offers action-based emails that are automatically triggered and delivered at customer’s activity.

3.Friendly Mobile Application: Mailchimp is accessible through user-friendly mobile app, assisting to create emails, trail performance, and edit your content anytime.

Mailchimp pricing

Free plan: send up to 10,000 emails/ month to up to 2000 subscribers.
Essential Pack: $9.99- 50,000 contacts with A/B testing.
Standard Pack: $14.99- 100,000 subscribers
Premium Plan: $299- 200,000 contacts, covers multivariate testing, custom domains, phone support, and audience segmentation.

1.Reliable content optimizer
2.Wide-range of templates
3.Free and premium features
4.Open mobile application

1.Costly paid plans


Established in 2013 by Yannis Psarras, Moosend is a popular tool for small commerce and ambitious entrepreneurs. Its accessible edge is quintessential for apprentices to begin email marketing campaign with baby step by managing several operations and e-mailing lists together. Personalize and segment emails to range customers with different backgrounds.

Moosend Email Marketing Software

Key Features

1.Automation: Automation of onboarding take in email sequence, thank you email sequence post service, and newsletters. An automatic respond can be sent to subscribers for exclusive discount, product recommendations, or pop-up forms depending on their reviews on the products and services.

2.Analytics & Vision: Moosend is software that gives you an outline of an email marketing campaigns in one control panel. It also gives an insight into complete client summary and supports to understand the interaction and response on your email.

3.A/B Testing: Moosend, helps in creating several versions of the same email, send them to your varied customers, to judge the version getting best response.

Moosend Pricing

Free Plan: Multiple marketing channels, easy email template designing, tracking and analytics, access to APIs & support services, 100+ integrations.

Pro Plan: $9/month up to 2000 subscribers- Creates landing pages, automation workflows, SMTP server.

Enterprise plan: Huge companies – 200,000 subscribers. Costing- quotes are according to customization.
In addition to all the features available in the free and pro plan, you also get customer reporting and your own IP address.

Infinite emails
Relaxed automation
Innumerable integrations
Remarkable back-end support

5 working days customer end support


Rapidmail was originated in 2008 in association with Sarbacane software. Providing accessible and innumerable template choices it’s impeccable for freelancers and small companies aspiring to take their campaigns to advanced levels. Rapidmail will be significant in business expansion from automating email marketing campaigns or integrating them with website to upsurge trades.
Rapidmail email marketing software

Key Features

1. Integrations: Rapidmail offers easy integrations with 9 different applications, including Shopify, WordPress, Plentymarkets, etc. Instead of manually driving customers from other platforms to your mailing list, you can simply integrate the two platforms.

2. Automation: Planning to launch a full-fledged email marketing campaign would mean that you’ll have to deal with thousands of emails every day. Rapidmail simplifies this process by allowing you to automate your emails. These emails are divided into three categories: Annually, One-time, and Action-based.

3. Transactional email: Emails were never meant for one-way communication, were they? If you want to automate email sequences post customer transactions or actions, try Rapidmail’s transactional emails. Set it up once and let it take care of all customer communication forever.

Rapidmail Pricing

Pricing is flexible and based on customization according to the business requisite.
Enter the business requirements on the website and you will receive a personalized quote.

1.Easy integration and automation
2.Free trial
3.Custom rating
4.Easy user interface

1.No free plan
2.Not attuned to mobile devices



Established in 2005, by Eimantas Norkunas and Ignas Rubežius, MailerLite has become a dependable email marketing tool. MailerLite has proven easy interface and convenient fuss-free user experience with around 800,000 customers.

Key Features

1. Assorted Content Layout: Utilizing MailerLite’s services you can craft forms and notifications with this tool and set them your website. Along with content creation, one can also cultivate benefits of insights, template diversity, and optimizer.

2. A/B Testing: Create distinct versions of an email and estimate which versions give preeminent results.

3. Buyer Division: It segregates consumers on age, sex, country, or latest act and sends discrete emails in bulk to every section.


Free plan: 12000 emails– 1000 subscribers.
Premium plan:
$10/month: Unlimited emails-1000 subscribers
$15/month: Unlimited emails-2500 subscribers
$30/month: Unlimited emails-5000 subscribers
$50/month: Unlimited emails-10000 subscribers

1.User Friendly
2.Convenient A/B testing
3.Properly segmented customers
4.Creates landing pages, forms, pop-ups, etc.

Insufficient tutorials and set-up support


Hubspot was created in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah to give customers access in the marketing process of their brands. With time, it has attracted trail of customers, as it covers all avenues of digital marketing. Hubspot delivered high return rate on email marketing, as a tool. Over the time, it has established as most effective software in the market and reasonably priced for big and small-scale commerce.

Key Features
1.Control panel compliance: Hubspot offers an agile filter to control dashboard and emails that permits categorization of emails based on their status, campaign, and folder. You can even search for a particular email by just looking up its title in the search bar.

2. Export Email Information: They have an email information export feature that authorizes to gather all the campaign data and export them to a discrete tool.

3. Manage Columns to Check Email Status: It keeps you informed whether or not emails have been delivered and opened. Hubspot has a columns right beside the email title to check the status and even select the desired data that you need.

Hubspot Pricing

Starter Plan– $45 for 1000 contacts
Professional Plan– $800 for 2000 contacts
Enterprise Plan– $3200 for 10,000 contacts

One can add additional contacts on minimal charges as the packs are flexible.

1.Easy course plotting
2.Acceptable automation
3.User-friendly control panel
4.Easy email data administration

No free plan


Created by Pushkar Mukewar and Neil Kothari in 2013, It knocks out all its competitors with an extraordinary level of automation. This feature comes from basic plans to other advanced plans in Drip tool.

Key Features

1. Advanced Segmentation: Drip brings out exclusive data about leads, (likes and dislikes to understanding their requirements) that is supportive to frame perfect email for them.

2. Email Funnels: An email funnel offers, emails beginning with your first email to their last response. This aids to comprehend latent hurdles of the campaigns and zones that require improvement.

3. Cross-Platform Advertising: Drip enables emails to open with different operating system, optimizing it for tablets and mobile. The objective is simple — create from one and share with everyone.

Drip Pricing

Free trial: 14 days
Basic Plan: $19/month- 500 contacts
Bigger Plan: Prices are as per customization and can be calculated by Drip’s price calculator.

1.Remarkable multi-channel compatibility
2.Supreme automation package
3.New-age customer segmentation and trailing
Unified cross-platform advertising and data management

Core email marketing features are not very user-friendly


Sendinblue emphasizes on email marketing. The tool offers elementary features like adequate email templates and reporting tools to innovative features like A/B testing.

Key Features

1. Simple & Clean Dashboard: Sendinblue gives a clue of its entire features in glimpse and effortlessly direct over the menu to start your journey.
2. 100% Deliverable Transactional Email: Sendinblue’s squad regularly improve your content and helps you to design seamless transactional email, that guarantee’s 100% deliverability each time.
3. Smart Delivery Resolutions: Sendinblue helps you treasure the model version of your email with a simple A/B test. It offers a smart machine learning-powered conveyance time optimizer, for your email reach your client’s inbox solitarily at most appropriate time when they are most likely to check it.


Free Plan: Unlimited contacts/300 email per day
Lite Plan: $25/month- unlimited contacts- 40,000 emails a month
Essential Plan: $39/month-unlimited contacts- 60,000 emails a month
Premium Plan: $66/month- unlimited contacts- 120000 emails a month
Sendinblue team also customizes as per need for a made-to-order plan.

1.Forthright for beginners
2.Reasonably priced
3.Guaranteed content & optimized delivery
4.100% deliverability on transactional emails

Limitations on the free plan


Initiated in 2012 by Edgaras Vaitkevičius, Sender is a prevalent email marketing tool that clutches its ground with vivid email marketing templates, content optimizer, customization, and reasonable & flexible pricing.

Key Features

1. Simple Content Editor: Sender maintains a humble and user-friendly website, and its content editor is a prime focus. Whatever you need to do can be done, just by its drag-and-drop design from organizing your email elements to make an email copy.
2. Pop-ups & customizable forms: Sender helps to grow your business with its customizable forms and notification pop-ups. You can attract more customers to pick your service by tagging these pop-ups on your website and landing pages. A customizable form helps in knowing your customer better by bringing together inimitable data of your leads.
3. Automated Emails: Sender’s automated email is available even in the free plan. You can now automatically send bulk, transactional emails or notify your customers about their abandoned cart for absolutely no cost.

Sender Pricing

Free plan: 15000 emails/month- 2500 subscribers.
Standard plan: $41.75- 240k emails/month- 20k subscribers.
Professional Plan: $208- 480k emails/month- 20k subscribers.
Top-level enterprise plans: customizable/ total number of subscribers.

1.Lavish free plan
2.User-Friendly edge
3.Intensely planned email and pop-up templates
4.Emails well-matched with embedded media files

1.No A/B testing available
2.Insufficient customer care

9. SendPulse

SendPulse, Founded by Eugene Medvednikov and Konstantin Makarov in 2015, is an influential email marketing tool designed for audience segmentation, A/B testing, lead generation, customer tracking, and email marketing. Its most outstanding feature is their supremacy in the push notifications and SMS marketing.


Key Features

1. Controlling AI: SendPulse’s AI consents to view buyer history and recognize the email which interests them. Reaching out clients by resending unopened emails and identifying appropriate time to achieve the highest open rate.
2. Code-free Email models: By SendPulse, just use the drag and drop button to generate your required email template just at a drop of a hat.
3. Email Scheduler: SendPulse’s email scheduler, will automatically send out your emails even when you are away at scheduled time.

SendPulse Pricing

Free Pack: 500 subscribers- 15,000 emails
Standard Pack: $6.40/month (Customizable)
Pro Pack: $7.68/month (Customizable)
Enterprise plan: $10.75/month (Customizable)

1.Skilled AI
2.Dependable Email scheduler
3.No fuss email creation
4.Easy implementation of A/B testing

Precipitous learning curve


ActiveCampaign is well recognized for its vivid automation features. ActiveCampaign takes its package a notch advanced by subscription comprehensive automation services along with all other outstanding features.

Key Features

1. Automatically Gears Machine Learning: Machine learning and AI are essential part of maximum email marketing software available in the market in recent times. Yet, what makes ActiveCampaign different is its automatic implementation of the analysis it styles. It automatically learns and suggests on optimizing your content as per customers preference.
2. Multi-channel Compatibility: Activecampaign come along with a chrome extension that lets you to run all your campaigns without exiting your email account. It also has a mobile app to aid to work on your emails even when you are away from your system.
3. Easy Migration: ActiveCampaign lays unlimited access to their community center and put forward free online support, in-person training, guides and templates, automation recipes, and more.

ActiveCampaign Pricing:

For 500 subscribers:
Lite: $9/month
Plus: $49/month
Professional: $149/month
Enterprise: $249/month

The rating is pliable and will rise as per number of subscribers increases.

1.Potent automation
2.Comprehensive insights
3.Smooth migrations
4.Assured deliverability

1.No free plan
2.Extra charges for email preview

Best Free Email Marketing Software

Most popular and free email marketing software to start with are Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Sender. Email marketing software’s like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Sender offers satisfactory features in their free plans. You will find most core features, template designs, and sufficient email & subscriber limits to get started with your email marketing journey.

Best Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce

Most promising and influential email marketing software’s compatible for your eCommerce store, are RapidMail, MailerLite and Sender. These email marketing tools have exceptional and outstanding integration dimensions and it also provides pop-ups that can be fixed in your store to manage your shoppers to subscribe to your mailing list. It can also be used to create action-based emails via these software’s and remind clients about the abandoned carts or products they might be attracted in.

Best Email Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing automation software proposes marketing automation through automated responses and emails. These software’s are employed to track client data and practice AI to mechanically prepare responses and recognize the perfect conveyance time.

Top email marketing automation software

Drip: Drip’s influential AI extracts sensitive client evidence and generates insightful performance reports automatically.
ActiveCampaign: It robotically gears your customer performance analysis in your succeeding email.
Moosend: Aids to create and send automated welcome sequences or onboarding emails.

Best Email Marketing Software for Agencies

Best software’s to deal with your complex email marketing needs are Moosend, HubSpot and SendPulse. These tools have distinct enterprise-level campaigns are planned for advanced agency requests. They don’t let the limitations of pre-designed plans to bound your email campaigns. A prominent sales team stretched out for these individual tools to produce a custom plan with the best email marketing features.

Text and Email Marketing Software

The three most rampant and best software that proposes remarkable email and SMS marketing features are MailChimp, Sendpulse and Hubspot. While SendPulse offers a native SMS marketing feature, Mailchimp and Hubspot will ask you to integrate them with an SMS marketing tool. Together Mailchimp and Hubspot extends seamless integration by Zapier

Conclusion: What is the Best Email Marketing Software in 2022

All of the above-mentioned email marketing software comes with its own attractions, USPs and specialties. While if one has to be picked up as the best email marketing software in 2022 the it has to be MailChimp, in view of its serviceability, unconventional features, and affordability, while some other tools can give considerable and equally impressive results.
In the end, it’s all about which tool meets your email marketing priorities the best.



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