Digital Marketing Strategy for Solar Companies

Digital Marketing Strategy for Solar Companies

Digital marketing strategies for solar companies have the potential of reducing costs and penetrating global competition effectively. Even as a small company, you can reach out to customers without spending a fortune on an advertisement. And with the right strategy, you might even surpass the outreach of a full-fledged marketing campaign.

This article will guide you toward all the aspects of digital marketing as a solar company. So, the first question that arises is, “Why Solar Companies?”.

Solar companies are one of the top renewable energy providers out there. Our newfound inclination towards environment-friendly clean energy is bringing solar companies into the mainstream market. As a result, solar providers are expanding rapidly on an industrial as well as residential scale.

Rising competition and shrinking margins are making it hard to sponsor an all-out marketing campaign. Therefore, smart investors are sticking to the most effective marketing strategy: Digital marketing.

Even well-established solar installers are actively looking for digital marketing strategies for solar companies. So, today we are going to guide you through the digital marketing strategies that will help you increase site traffic and generate leads.

What are the Target Customers for Solar Companies?

The first step of every marketing strategy is to understand your customers. Even the most accurate stats fail to yield results if used aimlessly. You should witness the journey of a Solar buyer to understand their requirements and market your product accordingly.

Broadly, there are three ways to categorize your customers:

Purpose (Reducing bills or Environmental impact)

The majority of the customers of solar panels are homeowners who are switching to solar to reduce bills or environmental impact. To be honest, only a few customers are concerned about the environment. Most of them are looking for ways to reduce electricity costs.

It is important to understand the motivation of your customers. It will help you market the message that resonates with them. For instance, circulating an environment-focused message in a region of pension-dependent residents will not create the desired impact.

Requirements (Residential or Commercial)

Another way of categorizing your customers is to understand their requirements. It is important to understand if your customer is looking for a residential or a commercial setup to serve them well. In some cases, residential customers for solar panels might consider installing a commercial setup in their business. Therefore, you should plan a marketing approach that covers all the aspects of solar setups irrespective of your customer’s initial interests.

Purchase Intent (Research or Buying)

You should understand that every customer is not going to buy your product. Especially in colder months, people are more focused on research than buying. However, you should not give up on those customers as some of them are going to turn into major leads during the hotter season. Make sure that you have a marketing strategy to update those customers via email or newsletters. It will keep you ahead of other solar providers once they plan on turning into customers of solar panels.

Creating a Powerful Website for Solar Panel Companies

Internet users have the attention span of a toddler. If you fail to make an impression in the first few seconds, you will end up losing a customer. Therefore, you should focus on creating a powerful website for your Solar company. However, it is easier said than done. Even the most prominent Solar websites overlook the obvious key points.

To save you from the hassle, we have briefly explained all the crucial points of a perfect Solar website.

Well-Designed and Mobile Responsive Solar Web Sites

Today, most internet users are mobile users. Even now, there is a high probability that you are reading this article on your mobile phone. Despite having clear indications, solar companies fail to optimize their websites for mobile browsing.

Even the best Solar company in the world will have a hard time holding the customers on a poorly designed website. It takes both performance and visuals to create the best user experience on a website. Therefore, you should create the ideal user interface that is easy to traverse on a computer as well as a hand-held device.

Also, security warnings and crashes are a major turn-off for internet users. No customer will go through the trouble of reloading a page on a website. To avoid such mishaps, invest in the back-end algorithms of your website. Its global accessibility and ease of access will place you on equal standing with the world’s leading Solar companies.

Web Hosting for Solar Web Sites

Saving money on your website hosting is like trading those few bucks for a ton of potential customers. Dumb deal, right? Therefore, you should always go for superior hosting for your solar website. Less loading time and smooth transitions will make you more customers than any flyer.

All the research intended customers will do their research in their free time. You have a 3-second window to hook them up to your solar services. Expecting them to stay on your loading page for 5 seconds is not going to work. Fast, mobile-optimized websites can only be operated through a superior hosting service. There is no way around it.

Content Tips for Solar Web Sites

The website content is as important as the interface of your website. As a solar company website, you should include a product page that showcases all the solar components, batteries, and systems that you provide. You should also have a services page that should contain all the services, installation, and maintenance details.

Adding gibberish content will take the user further away from what they are looking for. Always keep your content short and precise.

Another big tip is to highlight all the special offers that your company offers. Include e-books, case studies, checklists, etc on your landing page. Make sure that you collect the contact information of your users. In this way, you can update your customers about new offers and services.

Keeping yourself in touch with customers at regular intervals will keep you at the forefront.

Ideal Landing and Service Pages

Your landing page should have a different approach than your home page. It should focus on offering additional information like an exclusive offer, e-book, or a quote that highlights the importance of solar energy.

You should use this page as a digital flyer that is circulated to its users using different platforms. It will save you from the trouble of customizing your website homepage on every offer. Instead, you can just create a landing page that offers an e-book and collect user information.

On the other hand, your service page should reflect all the services that you provide. This is the page that adds value to your premium quality solar components. Since solar is in the making, customers rely solely on solar companies for their regular maintenance. It is the best way to stay in touch with your customers. Therefore, you should provide every key point on the installation, maintenance, and services on your service page.

Adding blog posts and case studies will also help you in gathering regular visitors to your website. It will increase traffic on your website, which in turn increases your website ranking.

Digital Marketing for Solar Companies

What does it take to Get More Leads?

Here is the list of all the digital channels and what it takes to get more leads on them:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most sought-after marketing strategy. Every google search starts with 2-3 sponsored listings which are paid advertisements. After that, all the links are SEO-based results, which means you don’t have to pay a single penny to outrank all the multinational solar companies on Google search results. However, it takes a lot of work to improve your results.

It takes a lot more than just writing content. You have to do a lot of keyword research, content optimization, and SEO to reach there. In the beginning, even the best SEO practice can not assure your place in the Google rankings. Constantly improving your keyword research and giving time to your content is the only way to get there.

GMB (Google My Business)

GMB is the best way to target the local customers in your area. You can focus on your local SEO I.e. whenever a local internet user will search for a Solar company, Google will put your GMB page in their search results. Update your GMB listing to get any potential customers that will try to reach out to you.

Listing your Solar company on Google Ads will cover search ads, display ads, as well as remarketing ads. Search ads refer to the first few sponsored listings that appear on your screen while doing a Google search. Display ads are small windows that appear at the bottom or sides of your screen while surfing the internet. In most cases, display ads are a result of remarketing ads that follow the visitor using cookies.

Bing Ads

In terms of the market, Google is far ahead of Bing. As a result, companies overlook Bing ads and focus on Google ads. This lack of engagement makes Bing an untapped territory for Solar companies. You can get cheaper clicks and frequent advertisements on Bing without any hassle. Therefore, consider signing up for Bing ads and updating them regularly.

Content Marketing

You can use content like blog posts, newsletters, photo essays, and social media accounts as a content marketing tool to build a relationship with potential customers. Always add fresh content to your website to get more visitors. Having a wide range of content will give internet users more reasons to visit your website than just buy a Solar panel.


Every social media platform has 2 options: pages and advertising.

Facebook Page

Just like any other Facebook page, your Solar company page will update its followers using its news feed and stories about the latest trends, offers, etc. Your Facebook page is limited to users who are familiar with your company. You need Facebook advertisements to reach a wider audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has one of the most powerful algorithms for advertisement. They can efficiently target like-minded people who have similar interests. Signing up for Facebook advertisements will be worth every penny.


Instagram Profile

Instagram is not limited to sharing photos. You can make a business profile on Instagram that will let you track your profile visitors efficiently. You will find many prominent Solar companies handling their customer relationships using their Instagram business profile.

Instagram Ads

Falling under the same parent company, Instagram shares the superior advertisement algorithms of Facebook. However, being a visually-focused platform, Instagram ads work better as a promotional profile sharing content and information.


Twitter Profile

Twitter is a hub of working professionals. Young, working people prefer Twitter over any other social platform. Therefore, you should work on your Twitter profile to get the attention of all the potential buyers researching on Twitter.

Twitter Ads

Having a Twitter profile and using Twitter Ads to promote your Solar services is a very powerful marketing strategy. Twitter Ads will help you offer deals and e-books on your Solar company.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform. You can have a personal profile as well as a company page on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Personal Profile

You should include your relationship with the company on your LinkedIn profile. It will give your customers a personal window for any related queries. Keep your profile up-to-date and look out for any customers in your inbox.

LinkedIn Company Page

Your personal profile should redirect your visitors to the LinkedIn company page of your company. Having a separate business page gives out a professional vibe. Use this page to promote your business, products, e-books, etc.

LinkedIn Ads

You can sponsor your LinkedIn company page using LinkedIn Ads. It will bring more engagement to your Company page, which in turn increases visibility on the platform.

E-mail Marketing for Solar Companies

Even if all the new marketing strategies are working great for you, you shouldn’t ignore the tried-and-tested marketing tactics that are generating results for years. E-mail marketing is one such strategy. In fact, e-mail marketing gathers more customers than any other social media marketing. Therefore, you should work on your e-mail marketing campaign.

E-mail marketing is a very precise, cost-effective, and easy-to-analyze marketing method that increases your visibility and builds customer relationships. You can personalize your e-mail to target a specific group of customers. In this way, the customer feels more connected to the company.

Every successful sale will help you generate more leads as happy customers will recommend your company to their friends and family. Especially, an easily shareable e-mail is more likely to get forward.

Inbound Marketing for Solar Companies

Working on outbound marketing strategies like e-mail and targeted advertisement is important.
If, however, your company lacks a robust inbound marketing plan, you are losing potential customers. SEO, social media, and blogging are very competitive marketing platforms. Therefore, you should start working on these inbound marketing strategies ahead of time.

The key to dominating inbound marketing is to know the keywords that people search on the internet. Responding to their search terms by providing relevant information will increase your credibility as a solar company. Instead of using an aggressive approach to market your products on your website, you should focus on providing value to your visitors. Bombarding your visitors with offers and sign-up forms will intimidate them and they are less likely to return to your website. On the other hand, focusing on providing quality information will establish a credible relationship with them.

Update Your Website

Follow a solar content strategy to update your content regularly. Google algorithm will overlook an inactive website and your SEO ranking will fall over time. Visitors are also looking for fresh content on a website. If you haven’t updated your website in a long time, it is going to affect your Google ranking and traffic.

Appropriate Content

SEO and advertisement can give you first-time visitors but it takes effective content to retain visitors to your website. As a solar website, you should include products, services, blog posts, the latest trends, FAQs, etc. Introducing a new range of products and their utilities on your website will keep research intended customers hooked on your website.

Increase credibility

As soon as you have a fast, accessible, content-rich website, you should look for ways to increase your credibility as a solar company. Listing your business on Google My Business is one of the best practices to instill confidence in your visitors. Add a few images, ask your regular customers to drop a review, and add all the contact information. It will help you reach out to the local residents without doing anything on your part. As soon as someone will search for a Solar company near them, Google will drop your information on their screen.

Adding accreditation to your website will also increase your credibility in the market.

Reporting and Tracking Solar Campaigns

Analytics is a vital part of digital marketing. You can use this information to track your visitors and enhance their user experience. As an admin, you can access minor details of your visitors: how they found you, what they did on your website, how to engage with them, etc. You can use tools like Google Analytics to track user behavior on your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool that gives you insight into your website traffic. Even if you are not very good with the technical aspects of your website, you can easily add a small tracking script to your website.

It will help you determine the location of your customers. Instead of focusing on overseas visitors, you should target the traffic from your location. Also, track the number of visitors you are getting from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google results, etc. It will help you find the most effective marketing strategy that is getting you most of the visitors. Compile and analyze the data to improve your traffic.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Every service provider should establish a Customer Relationship Management System on their website. With a suitable CRM, you can not only track your visitors but you can also serve them better in terms of regular updates and services.

A CRM can help you differentiate a potential customer from sundry visitors on your website. You can track those customers and brief them over a phone call or an e-mail. Make sure that you offer guidance instead of special offers. Bombarding leads with offers and products is a very off-putting tactic that will thwart away your customer. Having an experienced dealer helpfully provide help is an effective approach.

Customer Tracking

Tracking your retained customers is as important as tracking a lead. Making a sale is not the end of a consumer-provider relationship. Solar panels require regular maintenance, battery upgrades, and monitoring. In case, a customer needs a new solar setup or more panels, they will reach out to the company that is in touch with them over the years. While you are at it, you can inform them about your new products and services.


Satisfied customers will be happy to give you a review or testimony on your Solar company. You can put it on your website, social media, and Google My Business to get more customers.

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Digital Marketing is an effective marketing strategy for solar companies. Using the right marketing strategy, you can bring your company into the mainstream competition. However, it takes a professional approach to yield great results. Mr. Rajan Arya is one of the best Digital Marketing consultants in India who can improve the presence of your website. Starting on the right foot with the proper guidance will help you in finding the best marketing strategy for your Solar company.



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