Different Types of Video Marketing

Different Types of Video Marketing

Video content assuredly has laid a solid footing for marketing, creating conviction among the brand and customer. Just adding videos on the launching page upsurges conversions by up to 80%, making it an outstanding outlay to improve branding, increase sales, and progress conversions.  Mobile video usage increases 100% each year, making it a significant mode of media consumption online. As video content makes the public devote ample time to websites and landing pages, it directly boosts the ranking of the website on search engine pages.

The brand can cultivate countless profits, by a better understanding of different types of video marketing and the phase where they can fetch outstanding outcomes.


10 Types of Video Marketing for an Efficacious Content Strategy


  1. The spot

    It is a most conventional type of video content usually, a 15-30 second commercial. The content of the spot can contrast for different brands and levels, with a focused strategy of attracting more viewers. An effective spot video is precise, concise, and engaging to communicate goals in a short runtime. The videos can be presented in TV commercial breaks, prior to YouTube videos, and before movie trailers. It can also be effectively shared over social media networks, getting popularity for the video.


  1. The explainer

    Placed on the website’s home page, the explainer videos are brief marketing videos that explicate the brand.They are extremely widespread and help in enhancing the conversion rates majorly by placing an explainer video on the website. The various types of explainer videos are:

  • Live-Action Explainer Videos: a non-animated promotional video explaining your brand’s product and services.
  • Live streams on Social Media: these are non-editable live-action videos. They illustrate that they have no concealing and cultivate the brand.
  • Animated Explainer Videos: most widespread category of explainer video, the animation is preferred presentation of services. It allows innovations and can be edited as per requirements.
  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos: A low-cost and effortless format in which animation is hand-drawn and removed on a whiteboard.


  1. The product demonstration

    It exemplifies the merchandise description and working, communicating the product’s features and benefits to potential clientele. Highlighting the product’s uniqueness and showcasing the features, support customers make a better choice about ordering the brand.


  1. The company culture video

    A company culture video gives an understanding of areas and apparition of the organization to the new staff and prospects. It gives aspirants a genuine glimpse of the tasks, people, and corporate culture of the establishment. Company culture videos can flaunt staff testimonials, ambiance, office events, business civic roles, etc. It gives job seekers a foresight of their vocation working as a team.


  1. The behind-the-scenes video

    It is an unexpurgated clip of the unseen background effort of the brand. It covers the organization’s administration, crew, and culture and correspondingly establishes that the organization believes in constant client growth. The process includes staff interviews, story-telling, editing, and recording.Allocation of video creates brand value, as it develops conviction and allegiance among brands and consumers.



  1. The customer testimonial video

    The most influential mode for businesses to gather and share reviews. A customer testimonial video is sharing reviews of a satisfied customer of the brand via video. Firmscan record the experiences of customers with their prospects for making a reliable appeal. These videos support businesses shape trust, and reliability and convincing buyers.Keys ingredients for creating impactful customer testimonial videos are asking accurate queries, selecting an approved script, and ensuring an expedient viewing experience.

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  1. The employee portrait video

    : It consists of a wide variety of videos that supports enhancing firms’ and employees’ performance. Different types of employee portrait videos can individually or collectively help in internal and external campaigns. These videos translate the efforts, hard work, and consistency of the top-notch company owners and bureaucrats. It reflects the passion behind, the business, and the community they oblige. It is extremely helpful for new firms that envision enlarging the brand and reaching a wider community. The five different types of employee videos are testimonial videos, training videos, company history videos, employee recognition videos, and annual report videos.


  1. The web series

    A series of scripted or non-scripted online videos, commonly in an episodic arrangement that is released on various Internet portals. Thou are difficult to intellectualize and produce, still,their uniqueness, desirability, and entertainment make them very popular amongst the viewers. The web series should be tangible, accurate, effective, and engaging to keep the audience entertained and willing to keep their eyes on the screen. The runtime of these videos should be very short so social media followers can watch in a limited time too.


  1. The branded-mini documentary

    A brief documentary expressed from a human perception that can make the brand relevant, reliable, and impress potential audiences. Three pieces of advice for an ideal branded mini-documentary are the story narrated shall be sufficiently pliable for the viewers to link, picking a suitable and reliable story-line, frame the video documentary such that it is self-descriptive and not only narrate products description.


  1. The branded short film

    Short videos,fiction-based or documentary by brands are promoted as a marketing tool, with a runtime of about five minutes to half an hour. A relevant and authentic branded short film that accurately highlights the brand content is considered high-quality and aids the brand to promote itself. Its goal is the same as any advertising tactic: growing brand responsiveness, attracting the audience, and promoting the company’s yield. They are fundamentally distributable making it apposite for the viewers.


Whatever may be the business or the product that is being advertised or promoted, sharing creativity and innovation of ideas, or maybe making and maintaining connections with the customers a superior, accurate, and professional video content can do it way more impact fully than certainly, any other mode of advertising. Video marketing can arrest audience attention, and shape the brands reputation in an exceptionally dynamic technique.

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