A lead magnet for a digital marketing agency

A Lead Magnet For A Digital Marketing Agency

Lead magnets are a prodigious approach to creating new email subscribers that can be utilized as sales prospects for your business. Lead magnets are enticements that company management creates on the website to expand their email index.

After guests log into their email and respond to download directly, they get listed on the contact list in an email auto-responder with promotional emails. The email sequence shares particulars of the facilities, clients, and helpline services provided.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an online motivation accessible to potential clientele in exchange for their email address or phone number. Mostly, in the format of downloadable content, such as an ebook, checklist, PDF, whitepaper, or training course, or maybe an opt-in suggestion for an email course, coupon, or video.

To lure and fascinate website guests to sign up for offers that online business is presenting is the chief objective of a lead magnet.

Roles of Lead Magnets

Visitors will not buy services, if they are not aware and sure of your services. Lead magnets can get the attention of leads and further, get them to be your clients. Assisting to support visitors by educating and helping them with solutions is the primary goal and role of a lead magnet.

Key features of a lead magnet

Form: Enquires the name, email address, phone number, etc of the visitors

Content: Alluring downloadable information accessible to the visitors by interchanging their details.

Delivery email: An email is sent to visitors with a link who fills out the form.

Thank-you page: Linking a thank-you page with the fill-out form is a great way to spur the connection with new leads.

Potentials of an effective lead magnet

Lead magnets are important for digital marketing. So it’s important for them to be effective. A few top practices to be a great lead magnet:

  • Essentially can to unravel matters related to the target market
  • Come up with a catchy title and CTA
  • Create good visuals
  • Promote your lead magnet correctly
  • Don’t be spammy

Later visitors’ contact information is employed to generate promotional drives to guide potential customers via a lead magnet channel to conversion.

Do lead magnets work?

The gigantic benefits associated with lead magnets are list-building opportunities helping in good customer relationships responding sales to increase. The harder a lead magnet takes efforts in ads, email campaigns, and an even sales call, reciprocates in creating an audience by showing interest in your business and the products or services.

Once a high-quality lead approaches the procuring step with business chances raises the lead to use your services or products. Apart from this, potential clients can also get solutions to the facing problems.

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How do you make a lead magnet checklist?

An ideal lead magnet is equally advantageous for both,the consumer and the corporate. A lead magnet should also:

Be valuable: build animpressive email index of eventual consumers. A lead magnet must have resources that solve a problem or a free software trial.

Offer prompts at is faction: Customers seek instant solution, thus,lead magnets have to be easily accessible and the business should give pleasing outcomes, to keep the customers betrothed.

Be well-designed: A professional and pleasant looking lead magnet will always be more attractive. The approach of a lead magnet is skills that strengthen the audience trust.

Aligning and highlighting your business: The audio, video or article contents must reflect the outlines of your business that helps in understanding and developing trust with the lead magnet. One must emphasis on business unique selling proposition (USP) and what and how to make business better in competition.

Ways to create a high-value lead magnet

  1. Make PDF documents of effective blog posts

Converting already available blog post content into a valuable PDF document helps to grow your business’s email list. Selecting, considering and editing a high- traffic blog post with relevant and updated contents, will make PDF even more valuable than the available blog. Link a form for subscribers for their basic personal information such as name, email, and phone number. And, then you are set to go!

  1. Offer transcripts

Transcripts of each episode or video, filmed or podcasted shall be created in parallel, for the population that is not interested in viewing videos. Several individuals would rather read a book than listen to the audio version of the same book.To skip the time consuming transcription process, online moderately costing transcription services Rev, Trint, or Datalyst can be considered.

After the transcription is done,give an attractive overview and conclusion, add details to the body and add a checklist, followed by a good proof-reading before publishing the content. Lastly, save it as a PDF, add a pop-up, its ready to go!

  1. Read blog posts out loud

Audio files of valuable blog content that can be easily downloaded can make great lead magnets.  People may listen to audio content while undertaking other chores as well, so translating your blog posts into audio archives can help in hiking business. Audacity, is a free audio file creating service where as Garage Band, Adobe Audition, or Twisted Wave are few of the paid services that can used in translating blogs in audio.

Once the audio file is done, it can be uploaded to your website and gate it with a lead form.

  1. Create a quick checklist

Append a quick checklist to receive additional value for your prospects. A well prepared checklist contains: steps on how-to blog post, tools required for a DIY project, steps to follow in planning a specific project, and adding “Must-have” item. Desktop publishing tool that can be accessed for creating checklist can be Pages for Mac, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs—and choose “Save as PDF” when you’re finished. Don’t miss to add a link or specific call to action to your website at the foot so readers can locate and new subscribers can learn more information about your product or service.

  1. Use a swipe file to showcase “Best in Show” content

A “swipe file” is a compilation of the best work of copywriter projects, which may be referred time and again by copywriters. Whatever may be the business, a “swipe file” must be created to show-off your prime work to offer as a lead magnet. “Swipe file” is a collection of “best of” work that readers will find beneficial.  Compile the selected documents as a file so they can be swiftly founds. Select content, convert to PDF and protect that “unique content” with an applicable lead form.

  1. Provide analytics to left-brainers

Certain population enjoys real-world data based results. Files including excel documents, graphs, marketing results, split-test numbers, results from experiments, and schedules will encourage such people to be involved and engrossed. Still, no confidential data of the company shall be shared. Once the right content is selected, convert it to a PDF, add a precise introduction, sighting details of the download, and at last add a lead form to your website on suitable webpages.

  1. Give away parts of your product or service

The aim of a lead magnet is to eventually market your product through growing email list.  Supremely, the lead magnet should be able to pre-sell the product that would be eventually sold.

By getting a before-hand insight on the premium services of the product, the consumers, one can have a perfect idea of what is being offered. While giving away free premium content, include a call-to-action link to your lead magnet that guides subscribers to buy your product.

  1. Create a list

Putting up a list of extra information associated to your business. Prospective lists to create include: email subjects, best (and worst), must-read/watch/view things, choice, encouraging, pro tips, approaches to perform, uses for your product or service, questions to ask. A list to instruct your consumers about the products and services shall be added. A PDF file of any list can be considered as a lead magnet. It can be finally crafted by, an online graphic design tool to easily create well-put-together list.

  1. Give away how-to or recipes

You may be in any profession; you can give away tips as your lead magnet. However, a “recipe” can be for more than just-food. Displaying your understanding on any topic and offer trade secrets on the procedure of something, helping others to replicate your results by following the step-by-step “recipe” is the key to lead magnet.

  1. Give away your own personal routine

Give away a helpful and valuable routine to your prospective clients in PDF files as a lead magnet. This might comprise of habits, regimens, schedules, productivity hacks, plays from your business playbook, calendars, and other shortcuts. Such as a student may offer “easy ways to understand Pythagoras theorem”

  1. Try content as infographics

Infographics are visual-friendly and self-explanatory. Millions of infographics appear at a click on different websites. Accurate apps can be used to create relevant content into infographics. Tools such as Venngage can quickly create free infographics from pre-built templates.

  1. Give away presentations

The already available slide decks, PowerPoints, or keynote presentations of the past on your company’s drive can be given away as a lead magnet. You have civil rights to use the presentations that you have hosted and in a funded event or as a guest speaker, you may need to pursue consent. Slides can efficaciously be shared as a downloadable.

  1. Top FAQs

As a business chief, one can estimate the questions that can be probably asked. Make a record of top-10 popular queries and convert it into a PDF with response. Keep a well prepared note of all the queries and address these objections in FAQs, which your clients may have regarding your product.

  1. Give away a valuable video clip

A 10-minute or 20-minute clips of your “best of” past recorded video content, webinars, a clip from a conference presentation, or even video blog content can be given away as lead magnet.  It can be a downloadable videos or links to your video clips. To give away a video link publically, the video must be posted on S3 server. Video editing site such as Fiverr or Screenflow can be used to edit existing video recording.

  1. Your top resources or tools

A resource guide is a catalogue of preferred tools, apps, or resources that can be suggested to the customers. To build the lead magnet, pen down a list of your top websites, tools, or apps that are used in your corporate. Don’t miss to attach the links to the sites. Finally make it a PDF file, add a lead form, and draw the leads to come to you.


Lead magnet ideas; bring a different perspective for your target audience. The leads magnets become more skilled and advanced when the leads are able to meet the demands of the client at the right time. They can work efficiently and promptly for all B2B and B2C big business. They work as a link between the business and the clients.

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