Programming language of 2019? Python beaten by trusty old C


Programming languages: Python is now extra in style than Java
Builders love Python, Microsoft’s GitHub says, additionally revealing the positioning’s largest open-source initiatives.

Programming language C could be 48 years previous, nevertheless it’s nonetheless massively related for builders as we speak and, by one measure, nonetheless extra in style than Python. 

That is in accordance with Tiobe’s January 2020 language reputation index. Tiobe, which bases its rankings on queries on main engines like google, awarded C the programming language of 2019 title as a result of it noticed a rise of two.4% in queries over the previous yr, which was better than C#’s 2.1% and Python’s 1.4%. 

Whereas machine studying and knowledge science have propelled Python to new heights in 2019, Tiobe attributes C’s continued reputation to the Web of Issues and the ton of sensible units being launched as of late. 

“C excels when it’s utilized to small units which can be performance-critical. It’s simple to study, and there’s a C compiler out there for each processor,” write Tiobe analysts. 

C is presently the second hottest language, in accordance with the Tiobe January 2020 index, behind Java and forward of Python. 

C ranked first in March 2015 nevertheless it has hasn’t dropped under second spot since 2001. C was ranked by IEEE Spectrum because the third hottest language in 2019, behind chief Python and Java. 

The C language was created by tech pioneer Dennis Ritchie within the 1970s whereas at Bell Labs. He is additionally credited because the co-creator of Unix together with Ken Thompson. 

Nowadays C is used within the growth of working methods, embedded methods, and functions. It is thought-about the primary trendy and moveable programming language, having been ported to virtually each methods structure and working system.   

Such was the significance of Ritche’s contributions to tech and programming that ZDNet’s Jason Perlow has argued there can be no Steve Jobs with out Dennis Ritchie, who died in the identical week as Jobs in 2011. 

C was the muse of Goal-C, which was core to Apple’s Mac OS X, and Microsoft created C# as its personal spinoff of C. 

Tiobe’s different famous movers and shakers of 2019 have been Swift, which rose from 15th place to ninth, and Ruby, which hopped from 18th to quantity 11. 

Tiobe’s high 10 languages in descending order are Java, C, Python, C++, C#, Visible Primary .NET, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, and SQL.  


C, presently the second hottest language, ranked first in March 2015 nevertheless it has hasn’t dropped under second spot since 2001.

Picture: Tiobe

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